Prerequisites to build wayland / weston without x?

scsijon scsijon at
Thu Dec 4 19:06:11 PST 2014

I have just spent an hour or so trying to find it, and although your 
documentation etc is good, this doesn't seem to be in it, or give me a 
hint where to find it!

What I am after is a list of prerequisites to build wayland / weston 
from scratch with the following basepoint, I don't want to build X first.

Consider that I have linux installed as a minimal installation, no X, 
root only (no multiuser), etc.

Something like T2's minimal packageset:
# Add strictly required packages
X 00-dirtree
X cpio
X autoconf
X automake
X bash
X bc
X binutils
X bison
X curl
X diffutils
X file
X coreutils
X findutils
X flex
X gawk
= glibc
= glibc32
X gmp
X mpfr
X mpc
X ppl
X isl
X cloog
X gcc
X gettext
X grep
X gzip
X bzip2
X unzip # unzip & zip for latest GCC's Java
X zip
X libtool
X linux-header
X m4
X make
X man
X mine
X mktemp
X ncompress
X ncurses
X patch
X perl
X libffi
X python
X glib
X pkgconfig
X readline
X sed
X sysfiles
X tar
X texinfo
X time
X e2fsprogs
X util-linux
X zlib

#minimal packageset
X dietlibc
X dhcp
X dialog
X bdb
X bzip2
X ccache
X cracklib
X cron
X disktype
X eject
X embutils
X ethtool
X ed
X expat
X fget
X ipconfig
X mmv
X gdb
X gpm
X groff
X iproute2
X iptables
X jfsutils
X xfsprogs
X reiserfsprogs
X ntfsprogs
X wireless-tools
X libnl
X wpa_supplicant
X kbd
X less
X linux
X man-pages
X minised
X modutils
X module-init-tools
X netkit-base
X net-tools
X tcp_wrappers
X portmap
X libtirpc
X nfs-utils
X netkit-telnet
X nvi
X openssh
X openssl
X rsync
X pam
X parted
X pdksh
X libpcap
X ppp
X procinfo
X procps
X psmisc
X pciutils
X pcmciautils
X screen
X shadow
X strace
X sysfsutils
X sysklogd
X sysvinit
X udev
X unzip
X vlock
X wget
X perl-gettext
X help2man
X boehm-gc
X libatomic_ops
X zile
X zip

# Subversion, to let people get T2 source
X apr
X apr-util
X serf
X scons
X sqlite
X subversion

# too bad people still use it
X cvs

# and let people create T2 ISOs and LiveCD/DVDs
X cmake
X libcap
X cdrkit
X popt
X squashfs-tools
X aufs

# Add architecture-specific-packages for booting
X aboot
X yaboot
X quik
X mac-fdisk
X powerpc-utils
X hfsutils
X milo
X grub
X elftoaout
X silo
X syslinux
X bin86
X nasm

# sysfiles split
X mkinitrd

OK, what else do I need to have built first?

Where can I find what minimum (and maximum) versions are required for 
all the prerequisite packages to build with?
And yes, I can set things in the kernel build stage, and that does seem 
to be well documented.

And if one of your dev's is not already doing it (and willing to help 
with silly questions) and not just overloaded as most usually are, I'll 
see if I can add wayland/weston to T2 and Puppy's T2.


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