Prerequisites to build wayland / weston without x?

James Thomas james.thomas at
Fri Dec 5 02:42:08 PST 2014

On 05/12/14 03:06, scsijon wrote:
> I have just spent an hour or so trying to find it, and although your
> documentation etc is good, this doesn't seem to be in it, or give me a hint
> where to find it!
> What I am after is a list of prerequisites to build wayland / weston from
> scratch with the following basepoint, I don't want to build X first.
> Consider that I have linux installed as a minimal installation, no X, root only
> (no multiuser), etc.


We actually build weston without X support in baserock [1], and have already
split a lot of the things off into various "common" strata (i.e they are common
to both X and Wayland) have a look at:

Which defines what weston needs. It may not be the *absolute* minimum you need,
but it's a good start. I'll put tiny urls for the various build-depends (i.e
what is needed to build it)

graphics-common -
input-common (libinput) -
    input-common requires these xorg macros -
libdrm-common -
    not needed if you don't want the drm backend
mesa-common (actually just mesa) -
    mesa-common needs llvm -
    however you don't need this if you're not interested in llvmpipe
    and you probably don't need mesa at all if you have some propritary vendor
wayland-generic -
    Which depends on some more xorg macros -

That's it, you can probably ignore things in foundation and core, since they
contain things essential to the system (that you might already have, e.g
systemd, make, git..) hope it was helpful!



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