Where should project Weston go?

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Wed Dec 10 15:21:16 PST 2014

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 04:00:43PM +0000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hmm. I think our biggest problem with review is that the one-reviewer model
> doesn't scale. We currently have Patchwork to address that in an ad-hoc
> manner, but could we do better with more tooling? Something like Gerrit
> perhaps? I don't want to give up on the review + gatekeeper model, because
> while it does have its limitations (particularly whilst we only have one of
> them), I really don't want to go back to the old model.

Of course there's a whole array of different ways other projects have
tackled these same issues...  Probably we can gain what we need via
tweaks to our existing model.

One thing I've observed as a contributor and reviewer is that while we
think of wayland as a "review + gatekeeper" model, many times the
gatekeeper is the only one to give the review.  I think strengthening on
the review side might help ease the gatekeeping workload.

An idea I've been kicking around would be to *require* Reviewed-by on
all patches.  Now, you'd probably think this would *slow* things down,
but consider this:  If as a patch submitter I know I have to get
someone's review, then I'm going to be more motivated to give other
people reviews myself.  I will also find that by making my patches
easier to review, they'll get a Reviewed-by faster, and thus will land

Of course, we wouldn't want to impose the work of checking Reviewed-by's
on the gatekeeper; our goal is to simplify their workflow not add more
to it.  Ideally patchwork would have a mode to "show only reviewed
patches" and let it do the filtering.  Unfortunately it doesn't have
that capability (yet?), but we could abuse the State field to track it


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