x11/GLX/GL on top of wayland

Jasper St. Pierre jstpierre at mecheye.net
Fri Jul 4 06:48:20 PDT 2014

Xwayland has DRI3/Present support, which means that any app that uses DRI3
will work fine under it. Right now, this is the Intel driver, with support
for the other FOSS drivers coming soon.

Otherwise, we fall back to non-hardware-accelerated codepaths. It won't
break, but it will mean that you won't get hardware-accelerated rendering.

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Sylvain BERTRAND <sylware at legeek.net> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 04, 2014 at 03:14:43PM +0200, Kalrish Bäakjen wrote:
> > If I have understood you correctly, GLX (the means for setting up an
> OpenGL
> > context under X) will interact with the XWayland instance, which will
> then,
> > in turn, interact with the Wayland compositor, giving it the image
> rendered
> > by its client. So, AFAIK, legacy applications that use GLX should work
> fine
> > with XWayland - unless, of course, they use X-specific paths.
> >
> > Was that what you were referring to?
> Yes. But legacy apps could use X-specific paths since then would see only
> x11.
> I'm takling about a full xorg/GLX/GL driver stack on wayland. The
> driver would not be an hardware driver... but a wayland
> compositor driver. My guess is the current implementation gives
> basic x11 support. I was wondering about a full GLX/GL stack as
> well.
> Coze steam is arriving on gnu/linux hardcore, and that with many closed
> source games which will be sticking, probably, to x11/GLX/xorg.
> (Open source games or closed source games using open source
> middleware will be able to do a native wayland switch though).
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> Sylvain
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