[PATCH 1/6] Add weston randr protocol

Wang, Quanxian quanxian.wang at intel.com
Wed Mar 5 17:35:44 PST 2014

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>On Wed, 5 Mar 2014 09:40:32 +0000
>"Wang, Quanxian" <quanxian.wang at intel.com> wrote:
>> Just mention one thing
>> Pq:
>> But RandR is a disaster if random applications use it! Windows and
>> icons squashed into top-left corner, dialogs too large to fit on the
>> screen after the random application fails to restore the video mode,
>> or the picture just looking horrible and an average user not even
>> knowing why everything suddenly went ugly. [Wang, Quanxian] For this,
>> if you think it is disaster because of mode setting. It is a pity. If
>> the apps designer is careful, layout should be consistent with width
>> or height of output. In my testing for randr protocol, I found window
>> is designed to use width and height of output. Because it uses width
>> and height of output, but it doesn't care the change of
>> output(wl_output provides the mechanism to listen mode, scale change).
>> You can read my patch 6/6 for bug fix. It is just one fix.
>> It is the apps design flaw instead of wayland issue. Also you also
>> find 200 or 600 some hard code number is set.
>Yeah, it looks like the patch 6/6 would be a nice fix, but I think you should resend
>that alone, so it won't have to wait until the protocol design is concluded. It's a
>stand-alone patch, right?
[Wang, Quanxian] yes. It is found when I do testing. But not related with the weston randr protocol.

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