Effort for upgrading from 1.3 to 1.5

Konopelko, Pavel (P.) pkonopel at visteon.com
Thu Mar 20 06:31:31 PDT 2014

Hello everybody,

Given that somebody has Wayland/Weston 1.3 already integrated in their system, what would it take to upgrade to the upcoming Wayland/Weston 1.5?  Is this just a matter of re-building it and everything will continue working out of the box?  Are there any adjustments in the graphics stack (drivers, EGL support, etc.) needed to support 1.5?  Are there any adjustments on the application side needed to work with 1.5?

The question is related to the weston-ivi-shell patch series submitted by Nobuhiko Tanibata.  This work is connected to the work that GENIVI [1] previously did in the area of IVI Layer Management.  On the GENIVI side, the original plan was to propose the ivi-shell and the corresponding protocol to the Wayland project.  However, it was expected that it will take time to review and agree the protocols.  Until then the plan provided for adopting an out-of-tree patch based on Wayland/Weston 1.3 for GENIVI purposes.  Once the ivi-shell would be integrated in Wayland/Weston, GENIVI would switch to the upstream version.

Now that the patch series was well accepted and that only a few changes were suggested to the original protocol, it would make more sense for GENIVI to align with the upstream right away.  The only catch is that the content of the next GENIVI release is being finalized right now and the decision must be done quickly.  During the original reviews in GENIVI, using Wayland/Weston 1.3 as the basis was already approved.  The above question is an attempt to estimate the impact of adopting 1.5 instead.  Any hints and information on possible upgrade problems would be therefore greatly appreciated.

--Pavel Konopelko

[1] http://projects.genivi.org/

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