[PATCH weston v3] input: don't send to clients key events eaten by bindings

Giulio Camuffo giuliocamuffo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 12:48:04 PST 2014

2014-11-11 22:39 GMT+02:00 Bill Spitzak <spitzak at gmail.com>:
> Better example:
> - Make an xterm have focus.
> - Make a new wayland terminal and give it focus.
> - In the Wayland terminal, press Ctrl, then D. The wayland terminal exits
> due to the shell getting EOF and quitting. The xterm gets focus.
> - Release Ctrl but continue holding down 'd'. The 'd' starts to repeat in
> the xterm.
> The bug has nothing to do with whether a shortcut is a "server" shortcut or
> not, and can be easily demonstrated with a "client shortcut".

Very well, so xwayland seems to have bug, since this doesn't happen
with two weston-terminals. However, this has little to do with this
patch, but rather with xwayland apparently ignoring the modifiers
event it gets on focus-in.

> You are making a mistake. Sorry.

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