[PATCH weston] gl-renderer: compress pixman bands to simplify geometry

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Nov 19 07:22:28 PST 2014


On 19 November 2014 14:58, Derek Foreman <derekf at osg.samsung.com> wrote:

> Since we're sort of on the topic, is there anywhere we gain anything
> from y-x banded regions?  I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile to
> replace pixman's region code with something that doesn't band.  I think
> this would let us drop the pixman dependency when not building the
> pixman renderer...

Not really, no. Pixman only does it because the X server requires regions
to be marked as YX-banded to be deigned valid (or 'complete', as an FBO
analogy), and a number of the rendering algorithms in the server depend on

We don't have any of that, so can happily do without banding. A patch to
Pixman which would optionally drop the strict banding would be nice, but if
there's a small enough region implementation we could use instead, that
could work.

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