Reusing wl_egl_window for multiple EGL surfaces

Virtual Presence virtualpresence.ucla at
Sat Oct 25 17:14:32 PDT 2014


I am writing a simple multi-threaded multi-context GLES2 Wayland client. As
required by Wayland and MESA EGL bindings i do create a wl_egl_window to
pass on to EGL window surface creation. I was wondering if there is any
spec or rule that disallows reuse of the same wl_egl_window for multiple
EGLWindowSurface. I was wondering if i could use the same underlying
wl_egl_window resize bindings to cause multiple resizes. If i cannot do the
same i would like to know of a spec/rule/guide (say like an EGL spec) that
lists all the creation, management, deletion and usage of this object.

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