how to make Xwayland auto start on tizen-ivi-3.0 image

Steve (YiLiang) Zhou szhou at
Thu Sep 4 18:50:42 PDT 2014

Thanks everyone,
Xwayland already worked fine, we modify the user-session to use root
login. The reason I want to start it with root is that our x11 app need
modify a directory under /usr, app doesn't have the right.

Thanks and Best Regards
Steve Zhou

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> > > Thanks Geoffroy,
> > >
> > > Your information is very important for me ,  I'm sure that 
> > > xwayland module is loaded ,  so is it possible that I startup 
> > > Weston with root and start a shell script automatically which
execute xwayland in it?
> > 
> > FWIW, when is loaded into Weston, Weston itself will be 
> > listening on the X11 display socket for connections. When the first
> > X11 client connects, it will spawn the Xwayland X server to handle 
> > that and all following X11 clients.
> > 
> > I suppose all you need is the DISPLAY environment variable, and know

> > when Weston is ready to receive X11 connections. I believe 
> > module sets the DISPLAY variable for all child processes
of Weston.
> One additional note on this is that we start Weston as a standard user
(not root).

So does everyone else AFAIK.

Xwayland X server does not need any privileges, because it does not open
any devices directly (if not for Glamor).

However, you should check that the log directory is writable by the
Xwayland process, but if that fails, there should be some yelling in
where ever Weston's stderr goes to.


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