[PATCH] update protocol specification to match wire protocol

Paul Sbarra sbarra.paul at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 05:05:55 PDT 2014

On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 10:33 PM, Boyan Ding <stu_dby at 126.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Actually it is not a hack, it is a very well-defined behavior (though
> not clearly documented at present). We'll update the documentation to
> reflect that. The mechanic of creating objects undergoes some change as
> Pekka mentioned [1] and now it's been stable and won't change anymore (I
> have to iterate again that if you change how it works now, the world
> will break before you).

Thanks for the link, that's the first place I've seen that's documented
this behavior.  While I don't mean to be rude (just persistent) did anyone
take a look at the patch?  It generates the exact same code aside from a
very minor grammatical fix, so I don't uderstand how that's going to "break
the world".

> The tool you mentioned seems implement an older
> version of the specification and if you want to use that tool, you
> should change the code generation to the way wayland-scanner works now.

The tool I mentioned is simply one example illustrating the current problem
(undocumented behavior).  I see two possible options to resolve it. 1.
update any code-generation tools to account for the to-be-documented
behavior, or 2. Update the specification to not have "unique" caveats.  My
position is that the second option is the better choice.

As mentioned the generated code remains the same so any applications that
link to libwayland are unaffected.  Additionally, since this "feature" is
still undocumented any code-generation tools relying on this behavior could
be considered as violating the spec.  Are there any other known tools that
would need to be updated?

I understand this behavior has been present for some time, but I don't see
that as compelling evidence to not do something about it.  Is there any
justification for specifying a request with two options that actually
requires four aside from legacy behavior?

Again, thanks for entertaining this discussion.

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