Wayland and Weston 1.6.0 released

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 03:51:32 PDT 2014


this is the Wayland and Weston release 1.6.0. The SHA1s are:

  6183108a3bffb204c05b7f37b763b6278760572d  wayland-1.6.0.tar.xz
  339e83aa579569711cd14623ca4b2db46256b766  wayland 1.6.0 tag

  f3c801f0610b605cda45a017b475c10f2d3b7dbb  weston-1.6.0.tar.xz
  2858cc2a50854685b44eee72994dea57f5aa4246  weston 1.6.0 tag

Website update with download links will follow soon.

Here are some notable changes.


- Add error enums to wl_surface.

- Add keyboard repeat information to wl_keyboard protocol.

- Error handling additions in libwayland-client: when a protocol error
  happens, the program can query more detailed information about the
  error. This is mostly useful for tests to ensure correct errors.

- New wl_display_add_socket_auto() in libwayland-server: automatically
  find a free socket name.

- Many added tests to the 'make check' suite, including a framework for
  testing server-client interactions more easily.

- Threading and blocking related bug fixes.

- Add wl_display_roundtrip_queue(): blocking round-trip on a custom

- Stop exposing wl_display global. Turns out binding to the global
  would have triggered bugs, and there was no proper use for it.


- Xdg-shell protocol changes. Yes, we broke it again since 1.5.0.

- Add weston_layer masking mechanism.

- DRM-backend: fetch cursor size from the kernel

- keyboard repeat rate support, sent from compositor to clients,

- Use wl_display_add_socket_auto(): no need to specify the socket
  anymore when running Weston under Weston, it just works now.

- Use libinput by default. The non-libinput input backend is still
  there right now, but it will be removed for 1.7.

- A few more desktop-shell configuration bits.

- 'make distcheck' actually works OOTB without custom tweaks (by
  disabling the xwayland test for distcheck for now).

- Exit Weston, if weston-desktop-shell dies too early. Should help with
  one class of "just black screen" problems.

- Option to force numlock on at start on DRM and fbdev backends.

- Many bug fixes, of course.

The 1.7 development cycle starts next week. The schedule up to 1.7.0
release is:

- 1.7-alpha release in mid-January 2015, around January 16th, so people
  have a couple of weeks after holidays to push the last minute stuff.
  This is the deadline for any big features.

- 1.7-rc1 around January 30th. Only bug fixes after this.

- 1.7-rc2 around February 6th.

- 1.7.0 release around February 13th, Friday. Oops! ;-)

Enjoy. :-)


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