Synaptics LED support

George Sedov radist.morse at
Tue Apr 14 04:50:47 PDT 2015

> what I'm more concerned about: if it's 4 years later - how many devices
> still have that functionality? I'm hesitant to add a feature that only works
> on laptops that have been discontinued a significant amount of time ago.
> Cheers,
>    Peter

Yes, I think there still are the devices with this feature. While I
don't have any solid proof, here is a picture of the latest HP laptop
workstation HP ZBook 17:

Note the little bright dot in the upper left corner of the touchpad: I
_think_ it's that, although it may be just dust, but it looks like the
one my touchpad has. The specs for the laptop has only this: "touchpad
with on/off button, two-way scroll, gestures, three pick buttons". I
don't see any other buttons on it.

Also, the picture of the HP ZBook 14 where the LED is unmistakable:

So, yes, I think this feature is still in production.


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