[weston1.5]Question about HardKey input monitor with wayland/weston

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 23:34:28 PST 2015

On Thu, 15 Jan 2015 07:20:21 +0000
Yang Andy <williamyang13 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Pekka
> Thank you for your reply.
> >I think you have a fundamental problem here: global hotkeys cannot
> >be in any way associated with keyboard focus. That is their whole
> >point: they must work without any focus. So a design that relies
> >on focus or focus switching is broken from the start.I agree with
> >you opinion,so i change my software degsin as below:
> My hardkey device consist of tow category.
> Category1:Radio/Mute/Navi and so on--which is hotkey
> Category2:Left/Right/Down/Up/Enter--which should be accociated with
> windows..
> About hardkeys of Category1,i design new protocol extension.
> About hardkeys of Category2,i extend wl_keyboard protocol.
> I think the software design of Category2 would have some risk.
> My detail design as below:
> 1.Add new input device whick is classified as keyboard input at the
> kernel driver to weston. 2.Weston polls(read) evdev of the new input
> device. 3.When weston get the evdev,send the event as the keyboard
> event to the QT/EFL.
> Would you give me some advice?


sorry, I have no idea what you are trying to do on a high, semantical

I suppose radio/mute/navi key events are something you want to deliver
to one specific client at all times, regardless of any focus. If yes,
adding a new protocol extension to deliver exactly those as semantic
events would be fine.

However, I don't understand what you want with
left/right/down/up/enter. What's wrong with just the standard
wl_keyboard protocol, if those events need to go to the client/surface
currently holding the keyboard focus?

So, what does the "associated with windows" actually mean? Who should
be getting these events?

I don't recall you explaining what HardKey is. Knowing exactly what it
is might help.


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