[Wayland1.5]Question about wl_shell_get_shell_surface

Yang Andy williamyang13 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 26 01:04:25 PST 2015

Hi everyone

I have a question about wl_shell_get_shell_surface.

【NG Issue】When system launch QT-Application from ICO-HOME screen,it takes 4 seconds before application is rendered.

[Reference Module]ICO-HOMEMurphyweston-ivi-shellweston/waylandQTWayland
【TizenIVI Version】
 I analyze the ivi_shell.log and find that method[wl_shell_get_shell_surface] is called before it takes 3 seconds. 

Why it takes 3 seconds until method[wl_shell_get_shell_surface] is called?

who will call wl_shell_get_shell_surface?Compositor-wayland.c?Multi-resource.c?Window.c?
(I search the application/QTWayland source code,there is not caller)

Best regards,

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