Wayland Relative Pointer API Progress

x414e54 x414e54 at linux.com
Tue Jul 14 16:14:35 PDT 2015

You are either just trolling or have no idea what you are talking
about and have never tried to implement anything you are saying.

I stopped listening at "The render loop would be sending the
cursor-positioning request.". Not sure how you cannot see the problem
with this.

I will be blocking your e-mail address and disregarding any input you
have in any future discussion. It is just a waste of time to continue
this discussion.

Sorry, I am actually genuinely trying to improve the protocol for some
of the ways games currently work based on my Windows to Linux porting
experience. Also trying to make it easier to support 3d input devices
and 3d compositors using something like the HTC Vive. My suggestions
may not be the right ones but they seriously better than some of the
junk you have suggested.

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