[ANNOUNCE] Wayland Live CD release

nerdopolis bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net
Sat Jun 6 20:21:09 PDT 2015


I have pushed out new ISO files for the Wayland Live CD project, named after my favorite celebrity (Rebecca Black).

These have Wayland an Weston master, which when built, were a few commits ahead of the 1.8 releases of Wayland and Weston.

The bash waylandloginmanager no longer uses weston-launch to start Wayland sessions for the user. Instead runuser is used to call up the sessions.
        This enhances security, as weston-launch's FD's are no longer being leaked to non weston sessions.
Permissions to /dev/fb0 are no longer granted to all users of the plugdev group. Instead the UACCESS permission on the framebuffer devices is configured
        This enhances security for potential multiuser systems with no KMS drivers, won't be able to read the framebuffer when their session is not in the active VT.
Calligra applications are back, as they build against QT 5, from the WIP frameworks branch
FreeGLUT and GLFW are compiled to use the Wayland backend, and installed into /opt along with the other Wayland toolkits
        FreeGLUT and GLFW appear to only support one compiled in backend.
SWC has been replaced with Orbment
Ubuntu Vivid is the base, which has a new enough version of logind by default, which means that the number of first tier files that gets clobbered by the second tier compiled packages dropped quite a bit, as no longer need to compile my own systemd, or include dozens of modified systemd unit files from a Fedora Live CD in the SVN.
        The only files that get overwritten by compiled packages are in /etc/ and /usr/include . Some files leak out of the selected prefix of /opt in a few packages...

The KDE session that is selectable, but it is currently too early to be usable.KDE _applications_ work, and plasmashell even runs in Weston, 
although most of the shell features such as window list and desktop selections do NOT, along with the placement of the panels, and desktop window are haphazard. Just not kwin_wayland yet...

Releases are on Sourceforge, and I'm also trying a github mirror.Only the ISOs with out the development headers, and debug symbols can fit in GitHub

Release notes: (Sorry about the length)
These ISOs are RELEASE. Using SVN Revision 3615,

They currently contain:
Wayland Libraries:
  * Wayland Master
  * Weston Master 
Wayland Toolkits and Applications:
  * Wayland enabled Clutter
  * Wayland enabled SDL
  * Wayland enabled GTK
  * Wayland enabled QT
  * Wayland enabled EFL/Elementary
  * Wayland enabled FreeGLUT
  * Wayland enabled GLFW
  * Wayland enabled mpv
  * Wayland enabled gstreamer
  * KDE Frameworks Wayland programs 
  * Native Calligra Wayland programs
Wayland Desktops:
  * Weston's Example Desktop (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu)
  * Orbital (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu) (NOT on this ISO)
  * Hawaii (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu)
  * Papyros (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu) (Only works from nested currently)
  * Gnome-shell (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu) 
      **Does not work on Virtualbox, except it can run nested
  * Enlightenment E19 (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu)
      **Does not work on Virtualbox, except it can run nested
  * Orbment tiling Wayland DE *Does not work on Virtualbox (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the application menu)
       **Use super+enter for terminal, and super+r for dmenu
Other Features:
  * A graphical utility for configuring udev for weston multiseat/multi pointer
  * A rudimentary but functional Wayland login manager written in Bash, that supports user switching and session selection. 
  * RDP enabled Weston

New in these ISOs:---------

The WaylandLoginManager no longer uses weston-launch to call Wayland session, and instead uses runuser. This requires logind v216 due to bugfixes. This is for better security, as non-weston sessions would not hang up the file descriptors that weston-launch opens.

Global permissions to the plugdev group are no longer granted to framebuffer devices. Now they are granted by udev, by setting the UACCESS attribute, and applying a workaround in Weston.

Wayland Login Manager supports starting with an option to disable vblank, as vblank causes some problems in some hardware platforms

Except for the setting the proper variables for a user session (with /usr/bin/wlruntime_vars), and config file for the login manager display, and configuring runuser to use systemd with the PAM configuration files, all of the functionality of the WaylandLoginManager is now in /usr/bin/waylandloginmanager

Systemd is now provided upstream by Ubuntu, which drastically reduces the number of first tier files that gets overwritten to about 2.

Thanks to Mannerov, mesa master is now used, as software rendering is brought back in mainline Mesa.

Gnome sessions are now called by gnome-session, instead of calling gnome-shell directly, which fixes a few issues with logoff not working.

Replaced SWC with Orbment

New Wayland toolkits added: FreeGLUT, and GLFW.

KDE Wayland is a selectable option, but it's currently too early to be usable


***There is no password for the Live Session User (beccaholic), while autologin is enabled when starting as a live CD, if you get prompted for a password when starting a second login session, the password field is blank***
If you choose to install, the live session user does not get added, and instead the login becomes the default usernme and password that is configured at the installation wizard

Problems and Notes:

  The Grub menu in Utopic+ ISOs seem to no longer be compatible with the USB startup creator, it seems to be an upstream issue with Utopic+ as I saw the same behavior with a vanilla Utopic ISO	. To start the live session on the menu-less USB disk, you will have to type the word "live" and press enter.

  Orbital will be back on a later ISO when libweston is merged into main Weston.

4f88258032860964bfb4e4a7b55bf0ef  RebeccaBlackOS_amd64.iso
bf628c6e1cf869648b25482f846bb85a  RebeccaBlackOS_DevDbg_amd64.iso
691469e31fb52bdad3eb987a0dc0bc4e  RebeccaBlackOS_Revisions_amd64.txt
34aed0d313bea2a2861fa21a44e10e83  RebeccaBlackOS_Source_amd64.tar.gz

cffdfcf933a3b5f06afbfa08fe8b3ce3  RebeccaBlackOS_i386.iso
ea6720708b9f2338fc8f91d08a930221  RebeccaBlackOS_DevDbg_i386.iso
691469e31fb52bdad3eb987a0dc0bc4e  RebeccaBlackOS_Revisions_i386.txt
c361baee38a099228fda1612b09883d4  RebeccaBlackOS_Source_i386.tar.gz

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