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Graham Cantin kamilion at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 10:23:53 PDT 2015

Thanks for putting up the github ISO mirror -- Just wanted to say howdy and
let you know people are out there playing with RBOS. :)
Sometimes the silence is deafening; from my own projects, it always feels
good to hear from someone playing around with them.

On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 8:21 PM, nerdopolis <bluescreen_avenger at verizon.net>

> Hi.
> I have pushed out new ISO files for the Wayland Live CD project, named
> after my favorite celebrity (Rebecca Black).
> These have Wayland an Weston master, which when built, were a few commits
> ahead of the 1.8 releases of Wayland and Weston.
> Notably:
> The bash waylandloginmanager no longer uses weston-launch to start Wayland
> sessions for the user. Instead runuser is used to call up the sessions.
>         This enhances security, as weston-launch's FD's are no longer
> being leaked to non weston sessions.
> Permissions to /dev/fb0 are no longer granted to all users of the plugdev
> group. Instead the UACCESS permission on the framebuffer devices is
> configured
>         This enhances security for potential multiuser systems with no KMS
> drivers, won't be able to read the framebuffer when their session is not in
> the active VT.
> Calligra applications are back, as they build against QT 5, from the WIP
> frameworks branch
> FreeGLUT and GLFW are compiled to use the Wayland backend, and installed
> into /opt along with the other Wayland toolkits
>         FreeGLUT and GLFW appear to only support one compiled in backend.
> SWC has been replaced with Orbment
> Ubuntu Vivid is the base, which has a new enough version of logind by
> default, which means that the number of first tier files that gets
> clobbered by the second tier compiled packages dropped quite a bit, as no
> longer need to compile my own systemd, or include dozens of modified
> systemd unit files from a Fedora Live CD in the SVN.
>         The only files that get overwritten by compiled packages are in
> /etc/ and /usr/include . Some files leak out of the selected prefix of /opt
> in a few packages...
> The KDE session that is selectable, but it is currently too early to be
> usable.KDE _applications_ work, and plasmashell even runs in Weston,
> although most of the shell features such as window list and desktop
> selections do NOT, along with the placement of the panels, and desktop
> window are haphazard. Just not kwin_wayland yet...
> Releases are on Sourceforge, and I'm also trying a github mirror.Only the
> ISOs with out the development headers, and debug symbols can fit in GitHub
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/rebeccablackos/files/2015-06-05/
> https://github.com/n3rdopolis/rebeccablackos/releases/tag/2015-06-05
> Release notes: (Sorry about the length)
> ---------------------------------------
> These ISOs are RELEASE. Using SVN Revision 3615,
> They currently contain:
> Wayland Libraries:
>   * Wayland Master
>   * Weston Master
> Wayland Toolkits and Applications:
>   * Wayland enabled Clutter
>   * Wayland enabled SDL
>   * Wayland enabled GTK
>   * Wayland enabled QT
>   * Wayland enabled EFL/Elementary
>   * Wayland enabled FreeGLUT
>   * Wayland enabled GLFW
>   * Wayland enabled mpv
>   * Wayland enabled gstreamer
>   * KDE Frameworks Wayland programs
>   * Native Calligra Wayland programs
> Wayland Desktops:
>   * Weston's Example Desktop (selectable at login, and as a nested session
> from the application menu)
>   * Orbital (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the
> application menu) (NOT on this ISO)
>   * Hawaii (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the
> application menu)
>   * Papyros (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the
> application menu) (Only works from nested currently)
>   * Gnome-shell (selectable at login, and as a nested session from the
> application menu)
>       **Does not work on Virtualbox, except it can run nested
>   * Enlightenment E19 (selectable at login, and as a nested session from
> the application menu)
>       **Does not work on Virtualbox, except it can run nested
>   * Orbment tiling Wayland DE *Does not work on Virtualbox (selectable at
> login, and as a nested session from the application menu)
>        **Use super+enter for terminal, and super+r for dmenu
> Other Features:
>   * A graphical utility for configuring udev for weston multiseat/multi
> pointer
>   * A rudimentary but functional Wayland login manager written in Bash,
> that supports user switching and session selection.
>   * RDP enabled Weston
> New in these ISOs:---------
> The WaylandLoginManager no longer uses weston-launch to call Wayland
> session, and instead uses runuser. This requires logind v216 due to
> bugfixes. This is for better security, as non-weston sessions would not
> hang up the file descriptors that weston-launch opens.
> Global permissions to the plugdev group are no longer granted to
> framebuffer devices. Now they are granted by udev, by setting the UACCESS
> attribute, and applying a workaround in Weston.
> Wayland Login Manager supports starting with an option to disable vblank,
> as vblank causes some problems in some hardware platforms
> Except for the setting the proper variables for a user session (with
> /usr/bin/wlruntime_vars), and config file for the login manager display,
> and configuring runuser to use systemd with the PAM configuration files,
> all of the functionality of the WaylandLoginManager is now in
> /usr/bin/waylandloginmanager
> Systemd is now provided upstream by Ubuntu, which drastically reduces the
> number of first tier files that gets overwritten to about 2.
> Thanks to Mannerov, mesa master is now used, as software rendering is
> brought back in mainline Mesa.
> Gnome sessions are now called by gnome-session, instead of calling
> gnome-shell directly, which fixes a few issues with logoff not working.
> Replaced SWC with Orbment
> New Wayland toolkits added: FreeGLUT, and GLFW.
> KDE Wayland is a selectable option, but it's currently too early to be
> usable
> ---------
> ***There is no password for the Live Session User (beccaholic), while
> autologin is enabled when starting as a live CD, if you get prompted for a
> password when starting a second login session, the password field is
> blank***
> If you choose to install, the live session user does not get added, and
> instead the login becomes the default usernme and password that is
> configured at the installation wizard
> ---------
> Problems and Notes:
>   The Grub menu in Utopic+ ISOs seem to no longer be compatible with the
> USB startup creator, it seems to be an upstream issue with Utopic+ as I saw
> the same behavior with a vanilla Utopic ISO        . To start the live
> session on the menu-less USB disk, you will have to type the word "live"
> and press enter.
>   Orbital will be back on a later ISO when libweston is merged into main
> Weston.
> md5sum:
> 4f88258032860964bfb4e4a7b55bf0ef  RebeccaBlackOS_amd64.iso
> bf628c6e1cf869648b25482f846bb85a  RebeccaBlackOS_DevDbg_amd64.iso
> 691469e31fb52bdad3eb987a0dc0bc4e  RebeccaBlackOS_Revisions_amd64.txt
> 34aed0d313bea2a2861fa21a44e10e83  RebeccaBlackOS_Source_amd64.tar.gz
> cffdfcf933a3b5f06afbfa08fe8b3ce3  RebeccaBlackOS_i386.iso
> ea6720708b9f2338fc8f91d08a930221  RebeccaBlackOS_DevDbg_i386.iso
> 691469e31fb52bdad3eb987a0dc0bc4e  RebeccaBlackOS_Revisions_i386.txt
> c361baee38a099228fda1612b09883d4  RebeccaBlackOS_Source_i386.tar.gz
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