Reminder about Patchwork

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Wed Jun 10 23:28:41 PDT 2015

Hi all,

as you should know, we are using Patchwork to track patches sent to the
mailing list:

Please, when you send a patch (series) that replaces an earlier patch
(series), remember to mark the earlier patch(es) in Patchwork as
"Superseded". It's easy for reviewers to miss a re-submission.

Also, as libinput is not using Patchwork but is using the same mailing
list, some libinput patches still get into Patchwork in spite of our
subject-prefix grep filter. Sometimes I go through Patchwork and mark
those patches as "Not Applicable", so don't worry if you get a
Patchwork email saying that.

When a discussion ends up rejecting a patch, it should be marked as
"Rejected" in Patchwork. I don't think we have a policy on who should
do that, so it's free game if the discussion is conclusive.

Also, when a patch lands upstream, the git hook will mark *one* copy of
the patch as "Accepted" in Patchwork. However, if Patchwork has
multiple copies of the patch, it marks the *oldest* copy as accepted,
even if it was superseded or whatever. So even in that case it would be
good to check that all the relevant patches disappeared from the default
"action required" list.

I think we are lacking a link to Patchwork from the website, not to
mention an explanation on how to use Patchwork...


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