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Jon A. Cruz jonc at
Wed Jun 10 23:54:13 PDT 2015

On 06/10/2015 11:28 PM, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
> Hi all,
> as you should know, we are using Patchwork to track patches sent to the
> mailing list:
> Please, when you send a patch (series) that replaces an earlier patch
> (series), remember to mark the earlier patch(es) in Patchwork as
> "Superseded". It's easy for reviewers to miss a re-submission.
> Also, as libinput is not using Patchwork but is using the same mailing
> list, some libinput patches still get into Patchwork in spite of our
> subject-prefix grep filter. Sometimes I go through Patchwork and mark
> those patches as "Not Applicable", so don't worry if you get a
> Patchwork email saying that.
> When a discussion ends up rejecting a patch, it should be marked as
> "Rejected" in Patchwork. I don't think we have a policy on who should
> do that, so it's free game if the discussion is conclusive.
> Also, when a patch lands upstream, the git hook will mark *one* copy of
> the patch as "Accepted" in Patchwork. However, if Patchwork has
> multiple copies of the patch, it marks the *oldest* copy as accepted,
> even if it was superseded or whatever. So even in that case it would be
> good to check that all the relevant patches disappeared from the default
> "action required" list.
> I think we are lacking a link to Patchwork from the website, not to
> mention an explanation on how to use Patchwork...

Plus I think Patchwork is missing a password reset.

Currently that's what is blocking me from updating.

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