DRM backend

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 06:29:46 PDT 2015

On Tue, 16 Jun 2015 19:48:56 +0100
vishnu <banavathvishnu at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Trying to launch Weston  with drm backend and weston-launch fails, below is
> the error message
> [18:00:38.278] input device 'AT Raw Set 2 keyboard', /dev/input/event0 is a
> keyboard
> [18:00:38.278] libwayland: wl_global_create: implemented version higher
> than interface versionInvalid argument


looks like you have some unrelated brokenness in your system, too. You
might want to look into that also.

> [18:00:38.278] launching '/usr/local/libexec/weston-keyboard'
> [18:00:39.557] No currently active connector found.
> [18:00:39.558] failed to create output for
> /sys/devices/platform/pl111_drm/drm/card0
> Segmentation fault
> failed to restore keyboard mode: Invalid argument
> failed to set KD_TEXT mode on tty: Invalid argument
> setup_tty open:3Failed to process Wayland connection: Broken pipe
> I have connected keyboard and display to the board, still weston could not
> find the connector. I have no idea what's wrong with the setup. Can someone
> provide some pointers on this?

"No active connector" sounds to me like a kernel driver issue. None of
the listed connectors are tagged as DRM_MODE_CONNECTED.

Weston cannot run with zero outputs at the moment.

> BTW, is it mandatory to connect input and output devices to launch weston
> with drm backend, I have tried with fbdev backend and works fine without
> input and output devices connected to the board.

That's probably because I assume fbdev cannot know if a monitor is
connected. You'll probably get a /dev/fbX for each video card anyway.

It should be possible to run without input devices, though we might
have a check to prevent users shooting themselves in the foot in case
of a misconfiguration leading to a dead local input on a machine.


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