[ANNOUNCE] weston 1.7.91

Bryce Harrington bryce at osg.samsung.com
Thu May 7 00:07:33 PDT 2015

This is the weston alpha on the path to 1.8.0.  This requires Wayland

Development this cycle focused around the IVI shell and keeping up with
the EGL modernization.  Feature changes include: repaint scheduling,
named outputs, output transformations, EGL improvements to gl-renderer,
surface-shooting API, source clipping and view scissor in the pixman
renderer, ivi shell testing, and ivi layout.  Remaining changes are a
random assortment of cleanups, fixes, documentation, and upstreaming
pieces of Collabora's work this past year.

Bryce Harrington (9):
      configure.ac: bump version to 1.7.90
      Spellcheck fixes
      compositor: Help text for --config
      tests: Keep track of basename
      tests: Cleanup test log filenames
      tests: Prefer bracket form of test command for consistency
      notes: Don't manipulate lists while tranversing the list
      tests:  Fix Samsung copyright assignment on xwayland test
      configure.ac: bump to version 1.7.91 for the alpha release

Carlos Olmedo Escobar (1):
      ivi-layout: separate declarations from code

Derek Foreman (20):
      tests: Rename wayland-test to weston-test
      window: Fix crash in input_set_pointer_image when cursor is special
      compositor: use weston_matrix_transform for weston_output_transform_coordinate
      compositor-fbdev: give the output a name
      input: don't assume outputs have names
      compositor-rpi: give the output a name
      compositor-fbdev: allow configuring transform in the ini file
      compositor-fbdev: fix output transformations
      desktop-shell: don't allow negative values in drag resize
      input: Don't recreate the cursor sprite when only the hotspot changes
      compositor: Create the inverse of the output matrix
      compositor: fix weston_output_transform_coordinate
      zoom: fix zoom
      pixman-renderer: use pre-computed inverse output matrix
      xwm: fix extra break
      xwm: Add and use helper function for looking up windows in the hash table
      xwm: Fix a weston crash when a window surface is created after unmap
      build: fix setuid check
      touch: Make weston_touch_set_focus() take a touch instead of a seat
      tests: fix typo

Dima Ryazanov (2):
      desktop-shell: Require a popup parent to be a shell surface
      desktop-shell: Remove the panel popup

Emil Velikov (1):
      configure.ac: make use of wayland-scanner.pc

Giulio Camuffo (4):
      xwm: tell the shell the pid of the X clients
      clipboard: don't crash if the source client does not send a mime type
      data-device: add a function to send the selection to a client
      data-device: send the selection to all the wl_data_device resources of a client

Jason Ekstrand (5):
      gl-renderer: Call glViewport after the context is made current
      Use pixel coordinates for weston_output.matrix
      zoom: Use pixels instead of GL coordinates
      compositor: Add surface-to-buffer and buffer-to-surface matrices
      pixman-renderer: simplify the output-to-buffer matrix computation

Jasper St. Pierre (9):
      xdg-shell: Take a xdg_surface as the parent surface
      xdg-shell: Remove the serial from popup_done
      xdg-shell: Remove the flags from get_xdg_popup
      xdg-shell: Send an error when the client uses the not-topmost popup
      xdg-shell: Add a simple destructor request
      xdg-shell: Rewrite documentation
      xdg-shell: Bump unstable version
      xwayland: Correct input for undecorated clients
      xwayland: Stack windows on top when activating them

Jon A. Cruz (1):
      build: give explicit error when unable to setuid on install.

Jonas Ã…dahl (13):
      desktop-shell: Simplify popup_end_grab popup_done sending loop
      desktop-shell: Fix coding style of add_popup_grab
      xdg-shell: Add invalid_parent error to xdg_popup
      input: Make setting the same pointer cursor state again a no-op
      xdg-shell: Require proper object tree destruction
      xdg-shell: Move xdg_shell.get_xdg_popup errors to xdg_shell
      xdg-shell: Require a buffer and a wl_surface.commit for mapping a window
      xdg-shell: Document that xdg_surface.set_window_geometry needs a commit
      xdg-shell: Fix a couple of typos
      xdg-shell: Some minor clarifications
      xdg-shell: Some xdg_popup clarifications
      xdg-shell: Specify the meaning of 0x0 window geometry in configure
      xdg-shell: Specify fullscreen size-mismatch handling

Jonny Lamb (14):
      gl-renderer: use eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT to get an EGLDisplay
      clients & tests: use eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT when supported
      gl-renderer: use eglCreatePlatformWindowSurfaceEXT to get EGLSurfaces
      clients & tests: use eglCreatePlatformWindowSurfaceEXT when supported
      compositor-{drm, x11, wayland}: stop including EGL headers here
      gl-renderer: fix build with --disable-egl
      gl-renderer: move all EGL_PLATFORM_* defines here
      compositor-{drm, wayland, x11}: remove useless tests for ->supports
      gl-renderer: call supports() automatically in create()
      gl-renderer: provide platform_base fallbacks and remove ifdefs
      nested-client: include platform.h
      platform: provide platform_base fallbacks and remove ifdefs
      platform: remove global variables
      platform: rename create_egl_window to create_egl_surface

Manuel Bachmann (6):
      build: do not install ivi-shell png files with "--disable-ivi-shell"
      desktop-shell: remove dead unminimization code
      toytoolkit: fix new EGL extensions fallback typedefs
      nested-client: fix typo
      toytoolkit: fix EGL surface creation for lazy drivers
      gl-renderer: fix EGL initialization steps

Marek Chalupa (6):
      tests: use two roundtrips for global events
      weston-test: add device_{release/add} into protocol
      tests: fix handling globals
      tests: use special seat
      tests: implement touch in test-helpers
      tests: add tests for devices handling

Nobuhiko Tanibata (6):
      ivi-shell: support surface screen shot of ivi_layout by using weston_surface_copy_content
      ivi-shell: remove unnecesary code in ivi_layout_surface_configure
      ivi-shell: remove unnecesary assignment of fail safe value.
      ivi-shell: fit source rectangle of ivi-surface to the size of application content.
      ivi-shell: remove unnecesary code in ivi_shell_surface_configure
      ivi-shell: set an initial value for ivi-surface.

Pekka Paalanen (64):
      compositor: document weston_view_damage_below()
      headless: fix the output refresh rate
      presentation-shm: put run mode in window title
      compositor: refactor to weston_output_schedule_repaint_reset()
      compositor: add a doc note for weston_view::parent_view
      compositor: turn weston_view::transform.opaque into masked
      compositor: turn weston_view boundingbox into masked
      compositor: add surface-shooting API
      shared: add file_create_dated() helper
      timeline: use file_create_dated() helper
      surface-screenshot: a new manual test module
      gl-renderer: add BUFFER_TYPE_SOLID
      gl-renderer: implement surface_copy_content
      pixman-renderer: implement surface_copy_content
      compositor: document view->transform.* regions
      compositor: note, weston_surface_damage does it wrong
      compositor: remove dead code from weston_output_move()
      compositor: weston_output::region is in global coords
      compositor: let view_compute_bbox() take a box32_t
      compositor: fix plane coords in view_accumulate_damage()
      compositor,shell: move debug key code to core
      ivi-shell: developer mode debug key bindings
      ivi-shell: add exit binding
      compositor: restructure weston_compositor_pick_view()
      compositor: add weston_view_set_mask() API and state
      compositor-drm: avoid scissor in assign_planes
      gl-renderer: implement view scissor
      zoom: remove animation_xy as unused
      zoom: remove unused args from weston_zoom_transition
      rpi-renderer: minimal fix to zoom coordinates
      compositor: add weston_surface_to_buffer_region()
      pixman-renderer: refactor transformation computation
      pixman-renderer: add view_transformation_is_translation()
      pixman-renderer: refactor into region_intersect_only_translation()
      pixman-renderer: change repaint_region() arguments
      pixman-renderer: move code to draw_view_translated()
      pixman-renderer: implement source clipping
      pixman-renderer: implement view scissor
      compositor, backends: weston_compositor_read_presentation_clock
      compositor: add repaint delay timer
      compositor: warn about insane repaint delay
      compositor: fix return code from main()
      man: update weston's shells
      compositor: postpone unhandled option check
      tests: use MODDIR in weston-tests-env
      shared: fail reading a directory as a config file
      compositor: move code into load_configuration()
      Pass config file from compositor to everything
      compositor: add option to specify a weston.ini
      terminal: add "Minimize" to context menu
      tests: introduce create_client()
      tests: rename client_create to create_client_and_test_surface
      ivi-shell: add cmdline option for controller module
      ivi-layout: abort without controller_module_init
      compositor-wayland: ignore frame callback's time
      build: generate weston-ivi.ini for tests
      ivi-shell/weston.ini: fix paths
      gl-renderer: check EGL_EXT_platform_base in supports()
      gl-renderer: fix configless_context check
      tests: add a basic ivi-shell test
      tests: ivi_layout test infrastructure
      tests: add ivi_layout stand-alone test module
      compositor: inert wl_surface objects do not exist
      compositor: change weston_surface::destroy_signal argument

Ryo Munakata (2):
      shell,compositor-x11: Fix trivial memory leaks
      xwayland: wm: fix an invalid read

git tag: 1.7.91

MD5:  215558ab49a4a0cfe36f6dc071053374  weston-1.7.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 8af5c136ffcd4efff23fb06424f949de3cbe9544  weston-1.7.91.tar.xz
SHA256: c2a5609128e7786d4216a35bea5a6ec81433c1e523672f78657e81a6e97916dd  weston-1.7.91.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-1.7.91.tar.xz.sig

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