Compile and use rpi-backend on raspberry 2 gave always black screen after weston-launch

Derek Foreman derekf at
Wed Sep 23 07:53:54 PDT 2015

On 17/09/15 09:16 AM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
> Il 17/09/2015 14:15, Pekka Paalanen ha scritto:
>> On Thu, 17 Sep 2015 11:13:19 +0200
>> Fabio Fantoni <fabio.fantoni at> wrote:
>>> Il 16/09/2015 18:00, Pekka Paalanen ha scritto:
>>>> On Tue, 15 Sep 2015 17:10:09 +0200
>>>> Fabio Fantoni <fabio.fantoni at> wrote:
>>>>> Hi, I'm trying wayland with weston on raspberry 2, the system used is
>>>>> debian Sid plus latest kernel and drivers with rpi-update.
>>>>> Using weston from official package 1.8.0-3 with but
>>>>> graphic seems to perform badly, so following this howto:
>>>>> I compiled it with
>>>>> and other raspberry specific options.
>>>>> Launching weston-launch gave me only black screen (the
>>>>> dispmanx_offline=1 is already set), system is still accessible with
>>>>> ssh
>>>>> (when I can kill weston process).
>>>>> I tried also to compile and use weston from git commit
>>>>> ca510d06dca3e47e434a50cee105e96c9e82599c but I had also same result
>>>>> with
>>>>> both normal user and root.
>>>>> I not found any warning or error in logs or other useful
>>>>> information for
>>>>> now.
>>>>> Can someone help me to solve or at least debug the problem and report
>>>>> any useful informations for solve it please?
>>>> Hi,
>>>> could you post 'head config.log' from your Weston build directory,
>>>> and the log file contents from 'weston-launch &> log.txt'?
>>> Thanks for your reply.
>>> See attachments, full config.log and build log of 1.8.0 build of debian
>>> package changing configure parameters based on raspberry wiki page.
>>> weston.log is the output of weston-launch.
>>> weston.ini have config of the test, plus the the line commented of first
>>> test from official debian package working but graphic seems to perform
>>> badly.
>> Arguments to ./configure seem ok.
>>>> Can you exit Weston (or at least make the process exit, even if the
>>>> screen does not recover) by pressing ctrl+alt+backspace?
>>> Pressing ctrl+alt+backspace exit correctly from weston with black screen
>>> only.
>> So input works, good. Only gfx output is missing.
>> Your weston log looks ok, with one strange thing: "mesg: ttyname
>> failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device". I wonder where that comes from.
>>>> I'm not sure how hard it would be on your distribution, but trying
>>>> various old versions of the firmware and proprietary libs (always
>>>> use a matching set) you might find a version that works, in case
>>>> this is a firmware issue.
>>> I automatically updated them with rpi-update, I don't have good
>>> experience on arm, I did only few tests (mainly on raspberry pi 2), any
>>> advice is appreciated.
>> If you look into the documentation of rpi-update, you should find how
>> to specify old versions:
>> Unfortunately I cannot tell what a good firmware revision might be.
>> Also, I don't think I've tried Weston on rpi2, only on rpi1. They
>> probably shouldn't differ in this respect, but who knows.
>> Maybe someone who actually has Weston/rpi-backend working could tell
>> his firmware revision. The distribution shouldn't matter as long as
>> rpi-update updates the libraries too.
>> Actually you might want to check if there are multiple copies of e.g.
>>,, or such. Using a wrong
>> version compared to your firmware might cause problems. Also try the
>> demos from
>> If things like hello_dispmanx don't show up, then the problem is with
>> the firmware or the proprietary libs for sure.
>> Thanks,
>> pq
> Thanks for you reply.
> I did some other tests, trying latest update with kernel 4.1.7 gave same
> result, I tried also commit 33a6707cf1c96b8a2b5dac2ac9dead590db9fcaa
> (latest 3.18) but also in this case same result (black screen) and
> nothing useful in logs :(
> I tried to build and run hello_dispmanx.bin and seems working: I see a
> blue, green and redsquares at the center of the screen.
> Is there someone that use raspberry 2 with wayland/weston that can give
> me a commit of a working firmware please?

Sorry, in order to do that I'd be doing what Pekka already suggested you
do (try different versions until one works)

I've actually never had great success with the rpi backend on my rpi2.
online mode was fine until you open too many windows (as expected).
offline mode was 30fps until you opened too many windows, then the
device locked up.

I'm fairly confident that must be a firmware/support library problem.  I
didn't bother trying different revisions.

Ultimately, I think the rpi renderer will likely be removed entirely,
see for a work in progress DRM
driver for rpi/rpi2.

We're using this as part of a tizen image for rpi2
(, and
it works reasonably well even in its current state.

I suspect once the drm vc4 driver is available in raspbian, Pekka and I
will race to see who can delete the rpi backend from weston first. ;)


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