How to run Weston on specific devices?

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> On 07.01.16 10:42, Pekka Paalanen wrote:
> >>> Have you tried using the --seat command line argument to make Weston's
> >>> DRM-backend pick a seat other than the default "seat0"?  
> >> Okay, Weston drives "seat1" if given the option "--seat=seat1" and no
> >> configuration file. But "seat0" where I start Weston freezes until
> >> Weston terminates.  
> > What do you mean by "freeze"? Black screen? Blank screen? Desktop, but
> > no reaction to any input? Does the clock update? Got a log from that,
> > does it open any input devices then?  
> I run "weston-launch" from a virtual terminal/agetty/login/bash. The 
> screen does not change, the cursor does not blink. No reaction. I don't 
> understand what log should I provide.

Weston stdout and stderr are generally referred to as Weston's log.
There is also a --log command line option, but that catches only
Weston's own messages.

> >> Why should I run "weston-launch" from a virtual terminal? I would like
> >> to run it from "gnome-terminal".  
> > You cannot run it from X, because the X server is already holding the
> > DRM master for the gfx card. The X server must release DRM master
> > before Weston can get it, and you do that by switching away from X's VT
> > or quitting X. DRM master status is required for controlling KMS
> > resources by the Weston DRM-backend.
> >
> >  
> But I want to run Weston on a gfx card other than X is running on. I 
> have 2 gfx cards.

Ok, then you are left with the VT management issues, which I didn't
mention yet. I don't actually know what is needed to (not) do when
using a gfx card that is not used for the console. I believe this is a
use case Weston hasn't considered yet.

VT management issues might also be responsible for the "freeze" you

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