wayalnd client wants to know the keyboard layout

Hardening rdp.effort at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 06:54:55 PST 2016


I have worked on having the FreeRDP client have a decent wayland
support. On the graphical part everything is quite straight forward
anyway, I'm hitting some troubles with keyboard support (someone could
say as usual when you code something around keyboard).

In X11, xfreerdp queries X about the keyboard layout using XI. That
allows to announce a RDP keyboard layout to the remote server (using a
map table between xkb files and RDP layout) and get the correct virtual
RDP keycode.

But in wayland, I only get the mmaped xkb file, I can't see a robust and
easy way to discover to which xkb file it corresponds. If someone has an

Best regards.

PS: I guess I will not be the only one to have the problem, yes VNC I'm
talking of you ;)
David FORT
website: http://www.hardening-consulting.com/

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