[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.1.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Jan 27 20:52:21 PST 2016

The first RC for libinput 1.2 is now available.

The main feature merged in this cycle is graphics tablet tool support.
Devices tagged by udev as ID_INPUT_TABLET are handled by libinput now and
exposed with the LIBINPUT_DEVICE_CAP_TABLET_TOOL capability. Note that this
currently only includes tablet tool support, including stylus, eraser,
cursor, lens cursor, etc. The "pad" part of the tablet is not yet
integrated. For documentation on tablet support see these two links:

Further in this release is support for three-finger pinch gestures on
supported hardware. As already announced in 1.1.5, semi-mt touchpads do not
support gesture recognition, the data is not reliable enough.

We still reserve the right to change the new tablet API before the 1.2
release, though we don't expect the need for any changes.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Caibin Chen (1):
      touchpad: fix DWT pairing for Macbook Pro 2015

Carlos Garnacho (6):
      Add LIBINPUT_DEVICE_CAP_TABLET libinput_device_capability value
      test: Add infrastructure for testing tablet events.
      test: Add Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Pen device definition
      test: Add Wacom Cintiq 12WX device definition
      test: Add Wacom Intuos5 touch M Pen device definition
      test: Add Wacom ISDv4 E6 Pen device definition

Jason Gerecke (4):
      Fix normalization functions
      Remove spurious addition from range normalization calculation
      evdev: Do not mark tablet touchscreens as tablets
      tools: List relative wheel among axis capabilities

Olivier Blin (1):
      gitignore: ignore compile script generated by automake >= 1.14

Peter Hutterer (230):
      tablet: check the button range before we use it
      tablet: rename flags to mask
      tablet: use "int32_t", not "signed"
      tablet: print invalid evdev types/codes as string for debugging purposes
      tools: print tablet axis debugging on one line
      tablet: provide x/y by default in mm off the top/left corner
      tablet: normalize the distance to 0..1
      tablet: ignore pad buttons
      tools: explicitly ignore tablet event codes in the event-gui
      evdev: fix a broken log message for per-context logging
      Add a couple missing @ref tags
      tablet: always return 0 for axis values on non-axis events
      Fix address for memcpy()
      Update libinput_tool_ref/unref() to return the tool object
      tablet: copy the axis state into the tablet event
      test: add missing BTN_TOOL_ settings to Wacom I5
      test: put two warnings into the tablet tests
      tablet: initialize all unused dispatch callbacks to NULL
      Drop LIBINPUT_TABLET_AXIS_CNT from the public API
      Move the tablet functions to the 0.9.0 symbol table
      Fix a copy/paste error
      test: force the motion test to be axis events only
      test: fix a compiler warning about uninitialized variable
      tools: print the tablet capability as 'T' in event-debug
      Clarify proximity handling for tools always in proximity
      Move the tablet APIs into the right library version
      tablet: drop LIBINPUT_TABLET_AXIS_NONE from the API
      tablet: spell out that we always include all values
      Revert "tablet: Add tests for axes on proximity events"
      cosmetic: drop double empty lines
      test: fix two tablet tests
      test: replace a while loop with a litest helper
      test: fix double comparison macros
      test: add litest_assert_tablet_button_event()
      tablet: fix two coding style issues
      tablet: drop LIBINPUT_TOOL_NONE from the public API
      tablet: de-couple tool enum values from linux/input.h
      tablet: document what the tool type means
      tablet: add libinput_tool_get_tool_id()
      Keep the tablet APIs in a separate symbol version block
      tablet: use libwacom to identify tablets for left-handedness
      tablet: explicitly ignore ABS_THROTTLE, ABS_RX, ABS_RY, and ABS_RZ
      tablet: factor out checking a device for axes
      tablet: factor out setting axis bits on a tool
      tablet: expand the button mask to allow for BTN_LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE
      tablet: add support for libinput_tool_has_button
      tablet: handle mouse-buttons from a tool
      tablet: rely on libwacom to give us the right tablet axes
      tablet: support z-rotation for the mouse/lens tool
      tablet: support airbrush wheel as slider
      tablet: support artpen rotation
      tools: print tool capabilities on proximity
      tools: only print the tablet axes we have on the tool
      tablet: support the rel wheel on the mouse device
      tablet: add libinput_tablet_get_axis_delta()
      tablet: add libinput_event_tablet_get_axis_delta_discrete()
      test: add REL_WHEEL to intuos tablet
      test: add tablet wheel test
      cosmetic: add missing empty line
      tablet: fix tool capability test
      doc: add missing @ref tag
      tablet: warn if the libwacom context fails to initalize
      tools: record the start time before doing anything with libinput
      tablet: sync tools already in proximity at startup
      tablet: copy distance axis for the mouse/lens cursor devices
      doc: document recommended handling of fake proximity events in the caller
      Move touch_notify_frame declaration back to the touch_notify group
      Handle tablet capability in device_has_cap
      tablet: add missing libinput_event_tablet_get_base_event
      test: add tablet conversion checks
      tools - list-devices: print "tablet" capability
      tablet: fix check for rotation axis
      test: use the litest macros in the tablet button check
      test: skip testing tablet buttons that don't exist on the device
      test: print the missing button's name on test failure
      test: add a waltop tablet test device
      test: disable pointer wheel tests on tablets
      tablet: rely on libwacom for the list of axis capabilities
      tablet: use libwacom_new_from_path() to handle more tablets
      doc: improve the tablet documentation
      doc: drop a confusing note
      test: add test for partial tablet deltas
      test: fix compiler warning about tablet test
      test: add test for udev ID_INPUT_TABLET tagging
      tablet: add get_time_usec() for tablets, switch to usec
      test: add test for the tablet usec API
      tablet: widen the serial type to uint64_t
      tablet: use require_event_type instead of direct type check
      tablet: restrict tablet_axis_has_changed to axis/proximity events
      tablet: allow tablet_get_x/y_transformed for proximity events as well
      tools: add tablet support to event-gui
      tablet: rename all tool types to LIBINPUT_TOOL_TYPE_*
      tablet: widen the tool id to 64 bits
      tools: print the tool ID in event-debug
      test: add printing of tablet events to litest
      tablet: clarify tablet axis behavior in regards to proximity
      tablet: rename STYLUS_IN_CONTACT to TOOL_IN_CONTACT
      test: ensure proximity out coordinates are the ones from the last axis event
      tablet: split out tip handling into a separate event
      tablet: hook up tip events
      test: use the li variable where we have it
      tablet: add missing event type checks for tablet events
      tablet: allow checking for proximity state on all tablet events
      tablet: allow fetching the tip state from any tablet event
      tablet: rename libinput_tool to libinput_tablet_tool
      tablet: rename libinput_tablet_axis to libinput_tablet_tool_axis
      tablet: rename the tablet axes to "LIBINPUT_TABLET_TOOL_AXIS_..."
      tablet: rename libinput_tool_type to libinput_tablet_tool_type
      tablet: rename TOOL_TYPE to TABLET_TOOL_TYPE
      tablet: rename tool_proximity_state to tablet_tool_proximity state
      tablet: rename tool_tip_state to tablet_tool_tip_state
      tablet: rename TOOL_TIP to TABLET_TOOL_TIP
      tablet: rename the tablet capability to a tablet_tool capability
      tablet: rename libinput_event_tablet to libinput_event_tablet_tool
      tablet: rename the libinput_tool calls to libinput_tablet_tool
      doc: tablet documentation updates
      Whitespace fix
      tablet: add two missing curly braces
      tablet: break up a condition to improve readability
      doc: fix double full stop
      test: use the double comparison macros
      tablet: drop the tool type 'finger' from the tablet interface
      test: add tablet pressure/distance test cases
      tablet: drop pressure when either pressure or distance changed
      tablet: force the pressure/distance to 0 depending on contact state
      evdev: make evdev_transform_absolute available within libinput
      tablet: enable the calibration matrix for internal tablets
      test: add the HUION PenTablet device
      test: change extra axes to take a percentage as well
      test: set default axis values for all tablet devices
      tablet: add missing tip event to libinput_event_tablet_tool_get_base_event()
      test: fix copy/paste error in motion_delta_partial
      tools: print the wheel axis delta, not the axis value
      test: fix test for tablet rel wheel discrete deltas
      test: change tablet matrix test to use absolute x/y values
      doc: add missing tablet-axes.svg
      tablet: drop unused condition
      test: add pressure axes to proximity in for the bamboo and the cintiq
      tablet: support tool-specific pressure offsets
      doc: a couple of tablet documentation fixes
      doc: minor comment clarification
      test: use proper proximity events in tablet serial test
      test: modernise the tablet tool serial tests a bit
      tablet: rename axis_has_changed into an axis-specific API set
      tablet: rename axis_get_value into an axis-specific API set
      tablet: rename libinput_tablet_tool_has_axis into an axis-specific API set
      tablet: reduce event deltas to only apply to the wheel
      tablet: remove the libinput_tablet_tool_axis enum from the public API
      tablet: add tilt tests
      test: move litest_assert_ macros and helpers up to the rest of the defines
      test: add litest_axis_set_value helper function
      tablet: dump deltas_discrete, replace with a single wheel_discrete variable
      tablet: dump deltas, replace it with a single wheel_delta variable
      tablet: unroll the tablet axis processing loop
      tablet: simplify check for testing if an axis update is needed
      tablet: simplify check for testing if an axis update is needed
      tablet: store the wheel delta in the normal axes
      tablet: split out axis handling into helper functions
      tablet: don't mark all axes changed on init
      tablet: simplify marking axes as changed
      tablet: add libinput_tablet_tool_is_unique()
      tablet: invert tilt axes when left-handed is enabled
      tablet: drop unused argument from tablet_mark_all_axes_changed
      tablet: handle custom proximity handling
      test: add two more tests for correct button sequence on proximity
      test: use the litest_axis_set_value helper
      Add event debugging to libinput_post_event
      tablet: split sanitize_tablet_axes up into two helpers
      test: fix a bunch of tablet tests to assume, rather than wait for events
      tablet: explicitly set the tip state on the proximity event
      doc: improve absolute axis documentation a bit
      doc: fix and improve the tablet documentation
      doc: add missing tip event to the allowed set of events
      tablet: insert "STATE" into proximity/tip states
      tools: print the button name too, not just the code
      doc: fix two grammar issues "of tablet tool" -> "of the tablet tool"
      tablet: whitespace fix
      tablet: always set the pressure offset
      test: fix a bunch of tablet tests for pressure threshold introduction
      tablet: add pressure threshold handling
      tablet: a tip event can replace an axis event
      tablet: don't set a pressure offset of 0
      evdev: only reject devices with missing MT x/y if they're MT devices
      touchpad: drop outdated comment
      touchpad: whitespace fix
      doc: add section names to motion normalization subheaders
      touchpad: disable MT for elantech semi-mt touchpads
      tablet: allow the various get_<axis> on tablet button events
      tools: get pressure/distance/tilt from a tip event too
      tools: share the axis and tip code where appropriate
      tablet: use a struct rather than a double array for axis values
      tablet: drop delta array, provided by the tablet_axis struct now
      touchpad: drop the model detection - write-only value
      test: fix compiler warning
      gestures: split direction check out into a helper function
      gestures: drop 2fg naming from the various states
      touchpad: constify a couple of helper functions
      gestures: pass the finger count into pinch events
      test: remove leftover debug_trace statement
      test: remove a wait loop from the usec gesture test
      test: run pinch gesture tests for 2-slot touchpads
      touchpad: check fake finger count for validity
      test: rearrange fingers for gesture tests
      test: change semi-mt 2fg scroll test to use two-finger movement
      gestures: add support for three-finger pinch gestures
      test: add more gesture tests
      gestures: if a finger is 20mm below the other one, assume a pinch gesture
      doc: explain the gesture ambiguity for 2-slot touchpads
      touchpad: don't try to unhover touches if nothing changed
      test: when moving 2 fingers, move them in the same frame
      touchpad: disable MT for all semi-mt devices
      touchpad: disable gestures for single-finger touchpads
      tablet: add support for relative x/y motion deltas
      tablet: hook up relative motion events
      tools: add support for tablet relative events to the event-gui
      test: rename the tap tests suite name to "tap:..."
      test: shut up coverity warnings
      test: fix uninitialized variable
      tablet: fix potential null-pointer dereference
      touchpad: remove unused field multitap_last_time
      touchpad: remove unused variable
      gestures: jump straight to swipe for 3+ finger gestures on ST touchpads
      gestures: jump straight to swipe for 3+ finger gestures on ST touchpads
      gestures: average motion by active touches, not moved touches
      gestures: average motion by active touches, not moved touches
      touchpad: add a config option to disable tap-and-drag
      Prepare tablet-support branch for merging
      configure.ac: libinput 1.2rc1

Stephen Chandler Paul (48):
      Add bitfield helper functions from libdevdev-util.h and some tests
      evdev: Add basic support for tablet devices
      tools: handle TABLET_EVENT_AXIS in event-debug
      Add the libinput_tool object
      Emit LIBINPUT_TABLET_EVENT_TOOL_UPDATE events on tool changes
      tools: handle LIBINPUT_TABLET_EVENT_TOOL_UPDATE in event-debug
      Emit LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_PROXIMITY_OUT when tool leaves proximity
      tools: Handle LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_PROXIMITY_OUT in event-debug
      tablet: Handle button-events
      tools: handle tablet button events in event-debug
      tablet: Report and normalize distance, pressure, and tilt axes
      Sanitize distance and pressure axes before reporting their values
      tools: Handle pressure, tilt, and distance in event-debug
      test: Add litest_assert_double_*() macros
      test: Add proximity tests
      test: Add motion event test for tablets
      test: Add test for bad distance events
      test: Add tests for normalization
      tablet: remove parentheses around tablet_(un)set_status
      tablet: Clear pressure axis when tool loses contact with the tablet
      evdev: Continue updating axes internally when tool leaves proximity
      evdev: Add tablet_mark_all_axes_changed()
      evdev: Update all axes when the tool comes back into proximity
      test: Add tests for serial numbers on tools
      tablet: Fix warnings in test/tablet.c
      tablet: Stop redundant proximity-out events from being reported
      tablet: Remove tablet_notify_tool() and add tablet_get_tool()
      tablet: Replace tool-update with proximity-in
      tablet: Include tool with all events
      tablet: Include axes with all events
      tablet: Rename TILT_VERTICAL and TILT_HORIZONTAL to TILT_X and TILT_Y
      tablet: Don't swap X and Y in evcode_to_axis()
      tablet: fix get_x_transformed() and get_y_transformed()
      tablet: Add libinput_tool_get/set_user_data()
      tablet: Use separate tool objects for tools without serials
      tablet: Add libinput_tool_has_axis() and tests
      evdev.c: Return from evdev_configure_device() after configuring a device as a tablet
      tablet: Remove leftover-comment
      tablet: Set the tool as out of proximity by default when we initialize a tablet
      tablet: Add a left handed mode and tests
      tablet: Make note of filtering out events while the tool is out of proximity
      tablet: Merge PROXIMITY_IN and PROXIMITY_OUT into a single event
      event-debug: Increase spacing after the event-type
      tablet: Include starting values of axes in proximity events
      tablet: Update motion_event_state test to use litest_tablet_motion()
      tablet: Add tests for axes on proximity events
      tablet: mark all axes as unchanged before the proximity out event
      tablet: Add tests for axes on proximity events

git tag: 1.1.901

MD5:  d99b5d1cda21657545faf20de1f4e50b  libinput-1.1.901.tar.xz
SHA1: a947b7400a7656089343c1f59064d81fe121c707  libinput-1.1.901.tar.xz
SHA256: e898850f9cd948468a2e7ce560947552b365c836cb6f1451808cdd9e346e70bb  libinput-1.1.901.tar.xz
PGP:  http://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.1.901.tar.xz.sig

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