Create cross wayland-scanner for toolchain or cross-development environment

Quentin Glidic sardemff7+wayland at
Fri Jul 8 09:24:15 UTC 2016

On 08/07/2016 10:46, Andrew Kosteltsev wrote:
> Hi Quentin.
> I see. My suggestion related to simplify the build process on developer
> machines which doesn't have pre-installed native Wayland package. And
> also I think it would be good if wailand-scanner output will be
> generated by scanner which has the same version as target machine scanner.
> Currently developers must have installed wayland package and it is not
> convenient if developer builds several targets for different CPU (and
> may be different versions of some SW packages) at the same time using
> cross environment.
> (for example, GNU file also requires native file utility on developer
> machine, moreover it must have same version). I think not all needed
> tools can be implemented into toolchain like cross-compiler. Some of
> them can be built and added into DevEnv later on build time.
> Any way It is up to you. I just suggest.

I see your concern, and you should worry about only one thing: that your 
native libwayland package (so your wayland-scanner) is newer than the 
one you build.
libwayland, and thus the scanner, will remain backward-compatible, so 
there is no harm in generating an old libwayland with a newer scanner.
At least until wayland 2.0. :-)



Quentin “Sardem FF7” Glidic

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