Does wayland support touch-screen rotation?

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> To whom it may concern:
> I am not sure this is the right place to post Wayland/Weston
> questions or report problems. If it is not, please forgive me and
> point me to the appropriate site. Here is the problem that we face:


this is the right place, yes.

> The touchscreen on TI AM335x EVM is in reverse order, i.e starting
> from bottom-right instead of top-left. We were able to handle this at
> our QT5 Matrix-Gui application by setting the environment variable
> LINUXFB. However, this solution is no longer valid when we enable
> Wayland support on AM335x because the touch-screen rotation needs to
> be handled by the Wayland compositor. It seems to us that Weston 1.9
> does not support this kind of operation after a lot of Web searches.
> My question is whether Wayland compositor should support touch screen
> rotation and if the answer is yes, when will this feature be

Yes, it is the compositor's job to handle it.

> available? Attached please find a hacking patch as a proof of concept
> only for your reference.

It is already supported, see:

In its current form, WL_CALIBRATION support was first released with
Weston 1.6. Note, that it is configured via udev, not weston.

See also

Bugs are always possible, so do come back with details if you have
trouble getting it to work.

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