Question regarding joystick/gamepad support in wayland

박성진 sj76.park at
Wed Mar 2 23:11:06 UTC 2016

Dear all,
I would like to get your opinions regarding joystick/gamepad support in wayland.
What's the desirable way to support joystick/gamepad both in wayland and in linux ?
Plz kindly let me know if there is any previous discussion about this. :)

Linux supports both joydev(e.g. /dev/input/js0) and evdev(e.g. /dev/input/event0) for joysticks/gamepads.
As far as I know, many games in linux open js node directly within the process itself and read/handle joystick events by itself.
Under Xorg window system, without having X events and X input extension events, why are the games opening joystick nodes directly ?
Are there any reason for doing that ? Are there any performance issues ? Otherwise, is it originated from the lack of X events for joystick?
Lastly, what the most desirable way to support joysticks/gamepads in wayland ?

Thank you for reading and for your response in advance.
Sung-Jin Park

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