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Fri Mar 4 15:29:39 UTC 2016

Il 04/03/2016 08:10, Yury Shvedov ha scritto:
> On 03/03/2016 09:08 PM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
>> 2016-03-03 20:17 GMT+01:00 Юрий Шведов <shved at 
>> <mailto:shved at>>:
>>     Ok, I understood why did you do so, and now I see, where did you
>>     take the code.
>>     The reason, why I change that is to remove unnecessary macro
>>     parce_name, which can be replaced by inline function, and merge
>>     two functions to one with the same functionality and code reduce.
>>     But my mistake isthet I forgot about code reuse.
>>     About the name - I changed it to make it short anough to suite
>>     the help-message alignment.
>>     My suggestion is to add the array to my parcer as parameter,
>>     rename it to name_to_enum, and make parse_compression_name the
>>     function like your macro.
>> If I understand good probably ok.
>> Another thing is the message/errors in case of invalid value, missed 
>> in your commit, ok that copy I did was not good but do nothing at all 
>> I think is bad.
> Good point! Error message will be there =)

Thanks, another thing I saw only now:
"int compression;" I think should return "spice_image_compression_t 
compression;" for the better definition. If I'm not wrong (I not 
remember for sure) without it the default (compression = 
SPICE_IMAGE_COMPRESS_AUTO_GLZ;) will not works correctly.
Tomorrow I'll probably added other things, if you did/do something 
commit it, to avoid risk of waste time on same part. I'll try to add and 
test other compression types and basic authentication. I take a look to 
add vdagent support fast/easy from xspice but seems that there are 
things xorg specific that I think will be a problem. Probably it will 
require changes in upstream "spice/linux/vd_agent" before trying to use 
it here.

Sorry for my bad english.

>>     What do you think?
>>     3 марта 2016 г. 19:36:51 GMT+01:00, Fabio Fantoni
>>     <fabio.fantoni at <mailto:fabio.fantoni at>> пишет:
>>         2016-03-03 18:57 GMT+01:00 Yury Shvedov <shved at>:
>>             I cherry-picked your commits to my repo
>>             <>
>>             with some modifications. Take a look if you want =).
>>         I saw your change, compression option I think should be image
>>         compression or similar because is an image compression
>>         (lossless), there are also other compression parameters I'll
>>         add (probably starting from the lossy compression for wan).
>>         About 2 functions (name2enum and parse_name) use for now only
>>         by image compression will be used also by other parameters
>>         and is good to have it out to avoid too many "duplicate code".
>>         Take a look here for example:
>>         (qemu should have all spice features FWIK)
>>         (xspice probably don't have all spice features)
>>         I don't mean to do same code but at least consider future add
>>         of other features, some are fast/easy to add, other require
>>         bigger think as prerequisite (vdagent, usbredir ecc...)
>>             On 03/03/2016 05:23 PM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
>>>             Il 03/03/2016 17:03, Yury Shvedov ha scritto:
>>>>             On 03/03/2016 04:40 PM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
>>>>>             host and port parameter are working, added also in
>>>>>             documentation
>>>>             Perfect! Thank you!
>>>>>             It is not a problemfor me, I do it quickly.
>>>>             Ok, it is up to you.
>>>>>             I did very fast some small commits:
>>>>>             Based on latest stable to avoid regression not related
>>>>>             to spice.
>>>>             Thank you! But there are some points in image
>>>>             compression commit
>>>>             <>
>>>>             I don't really like. For example exit(1). I will
>>>>             suggest some additions soon. Will discuss =)
>>>             Sorry I did it in few minutes looking qemu and xspice
>>>             and I not modified it like looking other weston things.
>>             Don't worry there are many bad places in my code need to
>>             be fixed.
>>>>>             I did fast test connecting from lan computer and is
>>>>>             working.
>>>>             Good to hear!
>>>>>             You should able to cherry-pick all commits after "Add
>>>>>             Spice compositor" without problem if the commits are
>>>>>             ok for you.
>>>>>             In the weekend probably I'll add other spice features
>>>>>             support.
>>>>             I hope I'll be it time with new Spice API and warnings
>>>>             fixing.
>>>>             -- 
>>>>             Kind Regards,
>>>>             Yury Shvedov
>>             -- 
>>             Kind Regards,
>>             Yury Shvedov
>>     -- 
>>     Kind Regards,
>>     Yury Shvedov
> -- 
> Kind Regards,
> Yury Shvedov

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