Questions about experimental Spice compositor rebase

Yury Shvedov shved at
Sun Mar 6 12:25:50 UTC 2016

Hi, Fabio!
I made 3 new commits. First one updates code to work with new Spice API. 
Here, as I think, must be Spice version check if for example in Debian 8 
it less than 0.11.

Second one is regarding your remarks. I hurried too much with editing 
your commits. I'm sorry. So I left your logic but in another stile. I 
used "int compression" to handle invalid data. But than found 
SPICE_IMAGE_COMPRESS_INVALID value and changed the variable type back to 
spice_image_compression_t. I think this part is OK now, but if you have 
something to say or change there, fill free to do it =)

Third - I remove some rubbish like dprint from my old code. But I'm 
afraid, there still much to do in this sphere. Will be perfect if you 
make the revue, but not now - we have more important things to do.

For example, next I'm going to read the code of compositor-rdp much 
closely to understand how it works. This needed to know did we miss 

The second thing after that - is to render the screen on the client 
side. Now whole images composed on the server and sent fully to the client.

By the way! Thank you again for your help! =)

P.S. What did you learn about vdagent?

Kind regards
Yury Shvedov

On 03/04/2016 04:29 PM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
> Thanks, another thing I saw only now:
> "int compression;" I think should return "spice_image_compression_t 
> compression;" for the better definition. If I'm not wrong (I not 
> remember for sure) without it the default (compression = 
> SPICE_IMAGE_COMPRESS_AUTO_GLZ;) will not works correctly.
> Tomorrow I'll probably added other things, if you did/do something 
> commit it, to avoid risk of waste time on same part. I'll try to add 
> and test other compression types and basic authentication. I take a 
> look to add vdagent support fast/easy from xspice but seems that there 
> are things xorg specific that I think will be a problem. Probably it 
> will require changes in upstream "spice/linux/vd_agent" before trying 
> to use it here.
> Sorry for my bad english.

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