[GSoC] The coding begins

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at gmail.com
Mon May 23 13:56:40 UTC 2016

Hi Armin,

the community bonding period is over, and today is the first day of the
official coding period. How is it going? :-)

We had a chat in IRC a while back, and I asked for some things:

- a place where you will report your weekly progress (a website), which
  accumulates into something of a log of the whole GSoC project

- some project plans, a hierarchical list of tasks and sub-tasks, which
  you would update as you find new tasks and close old ones (you can
  use fd.o Phabricator for this if you want!)

In fact, I would recommend taking a look at Phabricator and use as much
of it as you can. It would be possible to create a personal project for
you (I use that at Collabora to track all my jobs) where you can put
all your Tasks. We could also do patch review there later, perhaps.
There is also a wiki, but I believe you weren't so thrilled about that
idea. ;-)

Could you also reiterate your schedules, how long and much studies will
be taking time from GSoC?

There is no need to accumulate a whole summer's worth of development in
GitHub. I recommend sending patches towards upstream as soon as you
think they are applicable. Ideally everything you do lands upstream,
but it's not mandatory, of course. Weston is a moving goal, especially
libweston going on, so unmerged patches will need rebasing from time to

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