Create cross wayland-scanner for toolchain or cross-development environment

Andrew Kosteltsev kosteltsev at
Wed May 18 12:55:46 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

Currently during cross compilation of the wayland library the
wayland-scanner utility is built by cross-gcc and then used on the
developer machine which lead build error.

I suggest to build development version, for example,
$(top_builddir)/build-wayland-scanner and to use this utility during
cross-buildin the wayland package.

When build is done the user can copy this release of scanner utility into
his toolchain or into his SDK for example wit $(host-triplet) preffix

cp $(top_builddir)/build-wayland-scanner

Then the user can make use this cross-wayland-scanner in his SDK, for
example, like follow:

$ ../MesaLib-10.3.4/configure

I have attached the patch for you. Please look at this patch and please
make decision related to cross building the wayland.

Of course after applying attached patch we have to reconfigure src package;

$ autoreconf -i

Best Regards,
Andrey K.
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