Touchpad on an XPS 13 9360

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Tue Apr 18 02:49:17 UTC 2017

On Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 04:14:05PM -0500, Michael Wisniewski wrote:
> Hi!
> First, I hope that this is the correct place to post, as I'm not really a
> developer, but don't know where else to go.  I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 16.10
> and using the libinput that is packaged with Ubuntu.  I *think* It's the
> 1.6 version, but I really don't know and that's actually one of my
> questions...
> My first question do you find which version of libinput you're
> using?  The package manager shows a 1.4.3-0ubuntu1, while the object's name
> is "" and xinput --list shows version 1.6.2.

ignore the soname, it does not reflect a package version (well, I can get
back to the version based on the soname, but it should be ignored
otherwise). That is true for any library btw.

xinput --version can't get to the libinput version, it's too far removed, so
you can ignore anything xinput spits out too.

libinput-list-devices --version gives you the libinput version, quick google
says ubuntu ships 1.4.3. we're currently up to 1.7, so anything earlier than
1.6 isn't going to be very accurate, sorry.

> I then tried to compile the latest libinput version from the git repo and
> follow the instructions on the building libinput wiki page, but that
> version still shows 1.6.2.
> Ultimately, my issue is trying to get my touchpad to work better on this
> laptop.  Under XUbuntu, I'm using the synaptics driver, which works good,
> but still has some small nuances.  It also seems like the Synaptics driver
> is going away, which is why I'm looking at moving over to libinput.
> Unfortunately though, with libinput, I can adjust the acceleration but not
> the sensitivity.  I would say that everything works OK until you try to
> make small movements to pinpoint something, then the cursor jumps around a
> bit.  It then gets frustrating and annoying.
> I've tried to play around with the xinput set-props but I just can't get
> the right combination.  I've also seen a few patches that were applied to
> help others out, but considering I can't get Ubuntu to recognize the 1.7
> version I downloaded, I'm not exactly sure I'd be able to patch and use
> that version.
should get you there. try current master or at least 1.6, pointer
acceleration changed a lot in 1.5 and is still subject to some
(lower-priority) investigations.


> Any help is appreciated.  I know it's not much to go on as I don't have any
> dumps but I'm more than happy to work with everybody in order to get this
> solved and to help others.
> Thank you in advanced...

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