Remote Desktop with Wayland

Rostislav Krasny rosti.bsd at
Fri Aug 18 19:36:08 UTC 2017

Hi there,

I want to use Linux at work on my workstation PC but currently I
can't. The main reason is lack of useful Remote Desktop access to
Linux from outside. By useful Remote Desktop access I mean how it's
implemented in Windows. In Windows you can connect to a locally
started session and continue it remotely. When you do this the local
computer will be locked. You can go back to the local computer, unlock
it and take over the local session by entering your password. Also you
can connect to a Windows computer without any existing session and
this will start a new one remotely. After that you can go to that
computer, unlock it and continue that session locally. I need this
functionality to continue my work outside the office or from other
location in the office (a meeting room or a workplace of a colleague).

Today's Remote Desktop server solutions in Linux can't provide the
above functionality. I've tried xrdp, several implementations of VNC
and X2Go. None of them function as needed. They do one of the

1. Always start a new session
2. Continue a locally started session in a sharing mode when the local
computer is not locked and anyone near it can see what I do and even
intervene to that session by local mouse and keyboard.

X2Go has even additional problem supporting different resolutions of
remote and local computers.

As far as I know you've also added the RDP support into the Weston
compositor. Do you support the Windows Remote Desktop functionality as
described above or this functionality should be implemented by a
higher layer that uses Weston? Or what other project (that uses
Wayland) should I ask about this?

Rostislav Krasny

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