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Rostislav Krasny <rosti.bsd at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I want to use Linux at work on my workstation PC but currently I
> can't. The main reason is lack of useful Remote Desktop access to
> Linux from outside. By useful Remote Desktop access I mean how it's
> implemented in Windows. In Windows you can connect to a locally
> started session and continue it remotely. When you do this the local
> computer will be locked. You can go back to the local computer, unlock
> it and take over the local session by entering your password. Also you
> can connect to a Windows computer without any existing session and
> this will start a new one remotely. After that you can go to that
> computer, unlock it and continue that session locally. I need this
> functionality to continue my work outside the office or from other
> location in the office (a meeting room or a workplace of a colleague).


that is a very nice description of a useful feature. I wonder if KDE,
GNOME or Enlightenment would have something like that in their roadmap?

> Today's Remote Desktop server solutions in Linux can't provide the
> above functionality. I've tried xrdp, several implementations of VNC
> and X2Go. None of them function as needed. They do one of the
> following:
> 1. Always start a new session
> 2. Continue a locally started session in a sharing mode when the local
> computer is not locked and anyone near it can see what I do and even
> intervene to that session by local mouse and keyboard.
> X2Go has even additional problem supporting different resolutions of
> remote and local computers.
> As far as I know you've also added the RDP support into the Weston
> compositor. Do you support the Windows Remote Desktop functionality as
> described above or this functionality should be implemented by a
> higher layer that uses Weston? Or what other project (that uses
> Wayland) should I ask about this?

I'm not too familiar with Weston's RDP-backend, but given it's a
separate backend, I believe it cannot switch between local and remote
modes, it will always be remote. There is also the screen-share plugin,
but I doubt that's a solution here either, I would guess it is missing
the local locking while in remote use.

I believe the functionality you describe must intimately integrate with
the compositor and cannot be achieved by applications atop alone.

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