Building Wayland/weston with a LFS/BLFS minimum packagelist?

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at
Thu Dec 7 16:30:25 UTC 2017

On 7 December 2017 at 03:20, scsijon <scsijon at> wrote:
> Sorry, but i've read a lot of pages on your site and the git repositories
> and can't find an answer or hint of one anywhere.
> Does someone have a minimum packageset/packagelist needed, anywhere in their
> files to build the Linux that Wayland/Weston sits on top of, I'm looking at
> building the minimum requirements with LFS/BLFS first and then adding
> Wayland/?Weston on top of that.
> And no i'm not looking at using something like Mint or any other prebuilt
> system first! I may even not add a X Server into the mix. I'm trying to keep
> it as simple and small as possible.
I doubt anyone will do an explicit list, since info is already present
Things are bound to get out of sync fairly quickly ;-)

There's a few simple ways to do that:
 1) use a barebone chroot and run configure - will flag each missing dependency
 2) grep -10 -w PKG_CHECK_MODULES
 3) objdump -x $library | grep -w NEEDED, or equivalent based on
dependencies listed in distribution packaging.
Debian/Fedora tend to list explicit dependencies while Arch want to
keep the deps list short and do some funny sfuff.

For wayland:
 2) ffi, expat, libxml (grep with context and you'll see it's an
optional one), wayland-scanner (build-time)
 3) (using objdump),,,, - for the wayland lib; c, expat + libxml2 for wayland-scanner

With above tools you can look at weston or any other project that you prefer -)


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