[ANNOUNCE] wayland-protocols 1.8 and wayland-protocols 1.9

Jonas Ådahl jadahl at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 08:43:57 UTC 2017

wayland-protocols 1.8 has been available for some time wayland-protocols 1.9 is
now available.

Version 1.8 bumped the linux dmabuf protocol version, introducing a new request
for creating a buffer from a dmabuf without having to wait for an event, as
well as an event advertising supported fourcc modifiers along with the
supported formats.

A pkg-config file meant for when wayland-protocols is used as a git
submodule (or otherwise not installed) was added.

Various grammar fixes and clarifications were also included in this release.

Version 1.9 introduced two new unstable protocols:

 - Keyboard shortcut inhibitation - a protocol meant for making it possible for
   virtual machine viewers, remote desktop clients etc, to be able to forward
   keyboard combinations such as Alt-Tab etc.
 - Xwayland keyboard grabbing - a protocol specifically targeted at enabling
   Xwayland to implement keyboard grabs.

See the corresponding XML files for details.

Here is the shortlog for 1.8:

Bryce Harrington (3):
      input-method: Correct grammar
      input-method: Lead with a verb in request descriptions
      idle-inhibit: Lead with a verb in request description

Daniel Stone (2):
      linux-dmabuf: Bump main protocol version
      Bump version to 1.8

Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
      xdg-shell: require popups to intersect with or be adjacent to parent surfaces

Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet (1):
      buildsystem: add -uninstalled.pc pkg-config file

Varad Gautam (3):
      linux-dmabuf: clarify format event description
      linux-dmabuf: add immediate dmabuf import path
      linux-dmabuf: advertise format modifiers with modifier event

Yong Bakos (6):
      text-input: Fix indentation and paragraph whitespace
      text-input: Rename text-input to text_input
      text-input: Correct grammar
      xdg-shell: Correct grammar
      (multiple): Remove inconsistent line breaks
      linux-dmabuf-unstable: Use standard copyright notice

Here is the shortlog for 1.9:

Jonas Ådahl (1):
      configure.ac: Bump version to 1.9

Olivier Fourdan (2):
      Introduce keyboard grabbing protocol for Xwayland
      Add keyboard shortcuts inhibitor

git tag: 1.8

MD5:  769f93b312b1323a8012565c3973cf7d  wayland-protocols-1.8.tar.xz
SHA1: 8a0f548d85476e4b289373c3e738e3d5a97e5a8c  wayland-protocols-1.8.tar.xz
SHA256: e3fa5f2812cfec3c1c2573bd34adfe37d4d8950dba572d9ec6c52adcc5fe4b9a  wayland-protocols-1.8.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-protocols-1.8.tar.xz.sig

git tag: 1.9

MD5:  d9a3c93aac1f423501a33e7a9804b3b3  wayland-protocols-1.9.tar.xz
SHA1: 66954853df10e144bb3c4f6facf0e7a49ff391e2  wayland-protocols-1.9.tar.xz
SHA256: 666b72de30ca3b70c2b54ccc9e8114cb520e76db224c816b5e23501099174f75  wayland-protocols-1.9.tar.xz
PGP:  http://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/wayland-protocols-1.9.tar.xz.sig

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