[PATCH wayland-protocols v2 11/13] xdg-shell: clarify map/unmap wording

David Edmundson davidedmundson at kde.org
Tue Jul 11 22:30:11 UTC 2017

Can you clarify something here.

>A newly-unmapped surface is considered to have met condition (1) out
+      of the 3 required conditions for mapping a surface if its role
+      has not been destroyed.

Attaching a null buffer unmaps the surface
Unmapping the surface resets the state

The above implies if we haven't deleted the xdg_toplevel we don't need to
call get_toplevel again.

When the client wants to remap, what prompts the server to send a new
configure event? If it doesn't, how does the client know what the state is
before it reattaches a buffer.

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