Regarding Wayland Integration to embedded arm64 platform

saikishore saik710 at
Tue Jul 25 05:24:41 UTC 2017

I am trying to enable wayland to arm64 embedded platform and i use
buildroot to build the rootfs and use kernel 4.1.

I have builded wayland 1.7 & weston 1.7 packages using buildroot and
enabled in rootfs and no kernel changes.

Initially i want to run weston without any hardware changes. Is it feasible?

and our embedded platform has fbdev, and i read somewhere we can use weston
with backend fbdev for software rendering without gpu (mesa/drm/kms).

So in my rootfs, enabled pixman rendering,wayland and weston and in kernel
enabled fbdev. But with these changes i couldn't succeded to launch weston.

anything else do i need to enable for weston running on embedded platform.

please reply

thanks in advance
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