[ANNOUNCE] weston 3.0.91

Derek Foreman derekf at osg.samsung.com
Mon Feb 26 20:00:38 UTC 2018

This is the alpha release for weston 4.0.

Weston now supports the input-timestamps protocol, allowing clients to 
subscribe to high precision timestamp information for input events.

Basic atomic mode setting support has now landed.

xdg-shell-v5 support has been removed.

Many bugs have been fixed, and many new tests provided.

4.0 is still planned for around April 9th.

Changes since last release:

Aleksander Morgado (3):
       screenshot: save each new screenshot in a different file
       file-util: allow specifying path separately in file_create_dated()
       screenshot: save screenshot files in XDG_PICTURES_DIR

Alexandros Frantzis (43):
       timeline: Add GPU timestamp timepoint argument
       gl-renderer: Add support for fence sync extensions
       libweston: Add check and fallback for linux/sync_file.h
       gl-renderer: Emit GPU rendering begin and end timeline timepoints
       ivi-shell: Fix incorrect use of logical instead of bitwise operator
       shared: Add timespec_is_zero helper
       shared: Add helpers to convert between various time units and 
       build,libweston: Use struct timespec for animations
       libweston: Use struct timespec for the output presentation timestamp
       libweston: Use struct timespec for motion events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for button events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for axis events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for key events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for touch down events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for touch up events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for touch motion events
       libweston: Use struct timespec for compositor time
       tests: Fix integer overflows on 32-bit systems
       tests: Move wl_pointer tests to their own file
       tests: Use separate test cases for pointer motion and button tests
       shared: Add timespec_from_proto helper function
       shared: Add timespec_to_proto helper function
       tests: Add checks for pointer motion and button event timestamps
       tests: Add test for keyboard key event timestamps
       tests: Add test for touch event timestamps
       tests: Add test for pointer axis events
       libweston: Make weston_keyboard destruction safe
       libweston: Make weston_touch destruction safe
       tests: Support weston_test request for adding a test seat
       libweston-desktop/xdg-shell-v5: Drop xdg-shell v5 support
       libweston: Support NULL weston_pointer in init_pointer_constraint
       libweston: Make weston_pointer destruction safe
       libweston: Make weston_seat release safe
       tests: Handle removal of seat global in test clients
       tests: Support setting the test client input dynamically
       tests: Run devices tests using the test desktop shell
       tests: Add test for seat destruction and creation
       shared: Add timespec_eq helper function
       tests: Introduce input timestamps helper
       libweston: Introduce input-timestamps support
       libweston: Implement keyboard timestamps for 
       libweston: Implement pointer timestamps for 
       libweston: Implement touch timestamps for 

Armin Krezović (3):
       compositor-wayland: Don't use two different presentation methods 
for fs shell
       compositor-wayland: fix damage coordinates with pixman renderer
       compositor-x11: Implement mode switching

Arnaud Vrac (9):
       gl-renderer: fix leak on dmabuf image destroy
       configure.ac: fix linking when using compiler sanitizers
       configure.ac: remove dependency on mtdev
       gl-renderer: fix pixel format used in texture uploads when using 
R/RG textures
       gl-renderer: use correct pixel shader for NV12 format uploaded to 
RG texture
       gl-renderer: save OpenGL version in renderer context
       gl-renderer: try to create a GLES3 context
       gl-renderer: move GL_EXT_texture_rg extension check
       gl-renderer: always enable unpack subimage and RG textures in ES3 

Bryce Harrington (1):
       Reopen master for regular development

Daniel Stone (25):
       compositor-drm: Rename fb_plane to scanout_plane
       compositor-drm: Add DRM property cache
       compositor-drm: Track all plane types
       compositor-drm: Introduce drm_pending_state structure
       gl-renderer: Ignore INVALID modifier
       compositor-drm: Allow disabling universal planes
       gl-renderer: Set pitch correctly for subsampled textures
       compositor-drm: Add shutting_down flag
       compositor-drm: Introduce drm_output_state structure
       compositor-drm: Introduce drm_plane_state structure
       compositor-drm: Introduce drm_plane_is_available
       compositor-drm: Use drm_plane for cursor plane
       compositor-drm: Use drm_plane for scanout plane
       compositor-drm: Remove NULL checks in switch_mode
       compositor-drm: Don't repaint if no damage
       compositor-drm: Add to_drm_mode helper
       xwayland: Explicitly link with xcb-shape
       compositor-drm: Track unused connectors and CRTCs
       compositor-drm: Disable unused CRTCs/connectors
       compositor-drm: Move repaint state application to flush
       compositor-drm: Use apply_state for starting repaint
       compositor-drm: Consistent failure paths for output creation
       compositor-drm: Don't restore original CRTC mode
       compositor-drm: Add blob_id member to drm_mode
       compositor-drm: Atomic modesetting support

David Fort (2):
       Fix API troubles with FreeRDP 2.0 v2
       rdp compositor: add a man page and add links to that page

Derek Foreman (11):
       clients: Don't crash when compositor doesn't support drag and drop
       dnd: Abort with an error message if compositor doesn't support 
drag and drop
       weston-resizor: Don't add new frame callbacks every click
       desktop-shell: refactor maximized size calculation into its own 
       desktop-shell: Handle the fullscreen to maximized case safely
       shared: Add a function to prefix filenames with datadir
       tests: Set WESTON_DATA_DIR for tests
       shared: Update all users of DATADIR
       build: Clean up -DDATADIR in makefiles
       xwayland: Fix crash on weston shutdown
       configure.ac: bump to version 3.0.91 for the alpha release

Emil Velikov (3):
       gl-renderer: remove unneeded cast
       libweston: drop return type from ::query_dmabuf_{formats, modifiers}
       gl-renderer: make use of linux_dmabuf_buffer_get_user_data()

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (1):
       tests: add a create_test_surface function

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (6):
       tests: Add one more indentation level to some macros
       tests: Mark tests as used so they don’t get removed at link time
       weston-info: Add support for zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1
       Unconditionally add linux-dmabuf’s protocol to BUILT_SOURCES
       xwm: Add icon support to the frame
       xwm: Fix icon surface ownership

Emre Ucan (12):
       dmabuf: set modifier to invalid for not supporting clients
       ivi-shell: register ivi_layout_interface
       hmi-controller: remove ivi_layout_interface global
       hmi-controller: load as weston module
       tests: load ivi-shell test plugins as weston module
       ivi-shell: don't load controller modules
       ivi-shell: remove ivi_shell_setting
       ivi-shell: change layer visibility to bool
       ivi-shell: don't schedule compositor repaint
       ivi-shell: don't expilicitly assign outputs to views
       ivi-shell: fix the layer assignment change from one screen to another
       tests: fix a race condition in ivi-shell tests

Eric Engestrom (3):
       clients/nested: fix boolean test
       config-parser: fix `short_name` type
       option-parser: replace int/0/1 with bool/false/true

Fabien Lahoudere (1):
       calibrator: Make mouse button optional

Greg V (2):
       Use $(SED) to make sure GNU sed is used
       compositor-drm: handle null cursor_plane

Guido Günther (1):
       configure.ac: drop spurious bracket

Ian Ray (3):
       desktop-shell: use binding_modifier for zoom
       desktop-shell: disable opacity binding when modifier is none
       xwm: do not include shadow in input region

Ilia Bozhinov (2):
       xwm: Handle third data entry in client messages
       compositor: Implement runtime output transform changes

Jason Gerecke (1):
       compositor-rdp: Correct mouse scrolling direction

Joshua Watt (2):
       text-backend: Allow client hiding of input panel
       clients/editor: Toggle panel visibility on click

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (4):
       xwm: Only send configure a window if the new size is different
       xwm: Maximize windows when double-clicking on title bar
       xwm: Deal with title in a smarter way when there isn't enough space
       xwm: Use Pango to draw title string if available

Marius Vlad (1):
       desktop-shell: Correctly migrate views to other outputs when 
output is disabled/disconnected

Matt Hoosier (3):
       compositor: fix starvation of wl_buffer::release
       compositor-drm: fix z-order inversion in plane assignment
       libweston-desktop: add signal for title/app-id changes

Michael Teyfel (1):
       ivi-shell: Added tests for screen-remove-layer API

Michael Tretter (1):
       linux-dmabuf: send deprecated format events

Pekka Paalanen (64):
       configure: fix version number
       compositor-fbdev: fix start-up assertion
       compositor-drm: Refactor sprite create/destroy into helpers
       compositor-drm: Add universal plane awareness
       compositor-drm: use asprintf in make_connector_name()
       compositor-wayland: use asprintf for output title
       compositor-fbdev: MAP_FAILED is not NULL
       compositor-fbdev: remove unused field 'depth'
       compositor-fbdev: unref udev on backend destruction
       compositor-drm: unref udev on backend destruction
       libweston: move weston_output::mode_list init to core
       tests: ensure output dependent IVI tests run
       libweston: weston_output_init(..., +name)
       compositor-wayland: move output init into common, fix error path
       compositor-drm: set output make/model/serial once
       compositor-drm: set all properties in create_output_for_connector
       libweston: send more wl_surface.enter/leave events
       libweston: rename weston_output_destroy() to weston_output_release()
       libweston: ensure backend is not loaded twice
       libweston: set backend pointer earlier
       compositor-fbdev: remove unused output arguments
       compositor-fbdev: simplify FB destroy/unmap/disable
       compositor-fbdev: always destroy renderer-output on disable
       compositor-fbdev: rename fbdev_output_disable_handler()
       compositor-fbdev: fix finish_frame_timer leak
       weston: fix boolean wayland backend options
       compositor-wayland: avoid recursive dispatch with wl_outputs
       compositor-wayland: remove unused 'scale'
       compositor-wayland: fix mode_list corruption on --sprawl
       compositor-wayland: actually free parent_output
       compositor-wayland: allow to unset fullscreen
       compositor-wayland: windowed/fullscreen not on fullscreen-shell
       compositor-wayland: clarify wl_display_connect() error
       compositor-wayland: fix shm_buffer damage init
       weston: arm SEGV handler earlier
       weston: add wait-for-debugger option
       weston-launch: quit if -t without -u
       weston-launch: fix -t option parsing
       weston-launch: improve help text for -u and -t
       compositor-drm, compositor-fbdev: stop suggesting root
       man: mention logind for launching
       compositor-drm: add specific_device configuration option
       weston: add --drm-device option for DRM-backend
       configure: fix sys/sysmacros.h check
       compositor-drm: Discover atomic properties
       weston: remove SEGV and ABRT handlers
       libweston: remove restore functionality
       compositor-drm: let repaint cycle disable crtcs
       compositor-drm: move state_invalid setting to deinit
       clients/desktop-shell: avoid invalid sized background
       clients/desktop-shell: avoid invalid sized panel
       desktop-shell: handle redundant backgrounds
       desktop-shell: handle redundant panels
       clients/desktop-shell: preserve background/panel in clone mode
       compositor-drm: drm_output_enable updates unused_crtcs/connectors
       compositor-drm: factor out drm_output_init_gamma_size()
       compositor-drm: factor out drm_output_init_crtc()
       compositor-drm: refactor into drm_mode_list_destroy()
       compositor-drm: drm_property_info_free() must reset
       compositor-drm: move refresh rate computation
       compositor-drm: fix uninitialized bytes on modeinfo
       compositor-drm: free filename in exit
       compositor-drm: unref udev monitor on exit
       desktop-shell: fix shell_output_destroy_move_layer unused variable

Philipp Kerling (1):
       gl-renderer: Fix crash in dmabuf format query for fallback formats

Philipp Zabel (1):
       gl-renderer: return conservative format list if dmabuf import 
modifiers unsupported

Quentin Glidic (4):
       libweston-desktop/xdg-shell-v6: Ensure first configure is sent
       libweston-desktop/xdg-shell-v6: Actually send same-as-current 
configure if needed
       input: Do not override keyboard focus on restore
       libweston-desktop/xwayland: Make sure racy surfaces are properly 

Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet (1):
       buildsystem: add missing pkg-config stub for libweston uninstalled

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
       configure.ac: use AC_HEADER_MAJOR to detect major()/minor()

Sergi Granell (2):
       compositor-wayland: use input region instead of opaque region to 
       compositor-wayland: destroy the appropriate output instead of 
exiting when receiving an xdg_toplevel::close event

Tomohiro Komagata (1):
       clients: simple-egl: Restore window size when un-maximized

Tomohito Esaki (1):
       desktop-shell: remove surface listener when surface is destroyed

Ucan, Emre (ADITG/SW1) (1):
       compositor-drm: remove connector option

Valery Kartel (1):
       weston: added missing header time.h

Yann E. MORIN (1):
       shared: struct timespec is in time.h

git tag: 3.0.91

MD5:  fc30c5753bafd933b7fb76fbe7240932  weston-3.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 5b489e91af4a7f426d493c5d6b9b66d18477e2f8  weston-3.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: 1dcd822bf04aa2cdbdcae277cf2054a200813b165c4cf920b4c99ed2882fa371 
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-3.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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