[PATCH wayland-protcols v3] unstable: add xdg-toplevel-decoration protocol

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Sun Mar 18 16:22:51 UTC 2018

On 03/18/2018 10:45 PM, Daniel Stone wrote:
> That strikes me as a problem. So what can we do to bridge the gap
> between these projects?

FWIW, I agree this is a problem. KDE's Wayland contributor base is
slowly growing, though - we have more people working on Wayland stuff
than we had previously, and across more products which rely on it
exclusively (e.g. Plasma Mobile) - and I'm optimistic this is going to
lead to us talking more, talking earlier, and taking more responsibility
for shepherding the stack, together.

I'm also wondering if a shared "Planet Wayland" blog aggregator would
make sense, and subscribing implementers from across the community to it
- currently you have to take some more active steps to follow content
published by people who solve interesting problems with Wayland, and
regretably, perhaps the best way to discover them is whenever they cause
drama on r/linux. That's a rather poor state of affairs.


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