Orientation inside ivi-shell

Sruthik P psruthik at gmail.com
Mon May 28 14:08:54 UTC 2018

Hi all,

              I’m currently looking into a bug that I'm facing with
ivi-shell and I’m having some doubts about how ivi-shell manages the
orientation of the surfaces.

              The bug is when the transform of the output inside Weston.ini
is either 90 or 270, the mouse pointer doesn’t appear on the screen. The
pointer only appears when an application is run on top of the shell and
disappears once the application stops running.

              I’ve been able to isolate the reason for the mouse pointer
not appearing to the bounding box checks failing for the blank view. This
check happens inside compositor.c and no view is returned which causes the
mouse pointer to not appear on the screen.

              I think the offending file is ivi-layout.c and the function
calc_surface_to_global_matrix_and_mask_to_weston_surface and I’m trying to
understand how the ivi-shell takes care of transformations and
orientations. Could you perhaps guide me on how ivi-shell goes about with
applying transformations to the blank view when no app is running (thereby
when there’s no surface)?


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