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Tue Nov 20 14:43:02 UTC 2018

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zou lan <nancy.lan.zou at> wrote:

> Hi pekka
> Thank you so much to explain the drm backend details. I ask these because
> some company may implement their own drm backend, changes on interfaces
> between libweston
> and drm backend may increase the merge effort.
> Could I also ask is weston backward compatible from weston 2.0 to weston
> 5.0 from users. According to my study, I think there is no big impacts for
> users, is it right?

Hi Nancy,

do you mean users as humans or as apps? There may have been some
changes in the command line options and weston.ini, but I think they
have generally been fairly stable. The biggest impact on app support
was probably the xdg-shell v5 era and the eventual removal of it.

I can't really remember even 5.0 release, but I would hope the notable
changes would have been mentioned in the release announcements.

Oh, removal of the Raspberry Pi backend, and removal of EGL support
from the fbdev-backend come to mind. I'm not actually sure if those
were before or after 2.0, it was so long ago.

> Will AGL adopt the weston 5.0 or other weston version in their new AGL
> version sunch as AGL 7.0?

I haven't followed AGL, so I don't know, nor do I participate there

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