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Jean-Francois Dagenais <jeff.dagenais at gmail.com> wrote:

> Not sure if I understand all this correctly yet (bit of graphics newbie), but I
> need the mali to actually render what's on the LCD. The screen-sharing over the
> network is the secondary mission.


I believe Mali is the prorietary GPU driver (and a chip family?), so
something that implements OpenGL.

That would be separate from the display driver, which creates the
actual video signal.

While Weston has GL-renderer using OpenGL that it uses by default, it
also has Pixman-renderer using the CPU. For most backends, you can
choose that with --use-pixman, but it naturally also disables
accelerated OpenGL for apps.

The RDP-backend uses only Pixman-renderer currently.

> > 
> > What's the reason for your new backend and do you intend to send it
> > upstream, if I may ask?  
> Reason would be to go around the problems experienced with the various RDP
> clients I've tried. RFB seems a bit simpler and a better fit for our needs. But
> again, this is a graphics-newbie talking. Nothing's decided yet.
> I would definitely keep it public and hopefully get it upstream. I fear though
> the the time I am allowed to work on this may not cover all use cases but rather
> just our specific ones.

Right. It's very good to talk about it before-hand, so you will know
what to expect from the upstreaming aspect. Right now I cannot say if a
new remoting backend is welcome or not, if the use cases are
essentially the same as for RDP-backend. Although, I suppose why not,
the RDP-backend has been pretty easy on maintenance too, but it has a
dedicated person taking care of it when something breaks (usually due
to freerdp breaking its API).

> > 
> > There are various remoting efforts going around, mostly in the
> > automotive industry.  
> Mmmh. Interesting. All I could summon was Kwin and gnome (mutter). I found Mer
> project has lipstick (QtWayland based) compositor with lipstick2vnc. But I don't
> know how functional this is (APIs still exist, frame rate, etc)
> Can you elaborate which efforts you are talking about and if we could
> participate?

Maybe Daniel Stone could say something? I must confess I don't really
keep track on downstreams much.

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