[ANNOUNCE] weston 7.0.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Fri Dec 6 19:49:36 UTC 2019

This is the alpha release for weston 8.0. Here is a highlight of the
main new features:

- DRM hardware planes should be used more effectively
- Headless backend now supports OpenGL
- DRM backend can now be built without GBM
- EGL_KHR_partial_update is now used when available, reducing memory
  bandwidth usage on some GPUs
- Logging framework improvements
- Documentation for weston can now be built

A lot of fixes have been merged too. Thanks to all contributors!

Full commit history below.

Adam Jackson (5):
      simple-dmabuf-egl: Allow QueryDmaBufModifiers to report no modifiers
      gl-renderer: Fix possible memory leak when no dmabuf modifers are supported
      libweston: Fix integer underflow in weston_layer_mask_is_infinite
      image-loader: Fix undefined left shift in premultiply_data
      tests: Fix undefined left shift in internal-screenshot-test

Ankit Nautiyal (6):
      backend-drm: Add support for content-protection
      libweston: Add functions to modify disable_planes counter for an output
      libweston: Add function to schedule idle task for updating surface protection
      libweston: Notify the client, when output recording is started/stopped
      man: Declare drm-backend support for HDCP
      backend-drm: Check for HDCP Content Type property before setting

Daniel Stone (8):
      renderer-gl: Assert function presence matches extensions
      remoting: Use DRM FourCC formats instead of GBM formats
      Revert "backend-drm: Teach drm_property_info_populate() to retrieve range values"
      config-parser: Export get_full_path and destroy
      backend-drm: Use aspect-ratio bit definitions from libdrm
      config-parser: Make get_bool be bool
      tests/config-parser: Remove useless duplicate test
      option-parser: Make bools boolean

Drew DeVault (1):
      simple-dmabuf-egl: update to xdg-shell stable

Eero Tamminen (1):
      Add include for missing symbols

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (1):
      shared: Use memfd_create() when available

Harish Krupo (3):
      gl-renderer: Censor protected views when output is recorded
      clients/window: Add viewport destination support
      desktop-shell: Set 1x1 buffers for solid-color backgrounds

Jeffy Chen (2):
      clients: Drop corresponding touch points when destroying windows
      clients: Add more sanity checks to catch destroyed window

Leandro Ribeiro (11):
      build: bump libdrm requirement to newer version (2.4.83)
      backend-drm: remove unecessary ifdef checks
      backend-drm: remove unnecessary ifdefs
      move frame_signal emission to weston_output_repaint()
      screenshooter: stop using frame_signal void *data parameter to get weston_output
      tests: stop using frame_signal 'void *data' argument to get weston_output
      renderer: change frame_signal emission to pass previous_damage as data argument
      screenshooter: get previous_damage from data argument instead of weston_output
      screen-share: get previous_damage from data argument instead of weston_output
      Revert "move frame_signal emission to weston_output_repaint()"
      libweston: remove previous_damage from struct weston_output

Link Mauve (1):
      xwayland: Remove unused variable

Loïc Yhuel (1):
      libweston: fix possible crash after a view is removed the layer

Marius Vlad (53):
      weston-log: s/scope/sub, leftover from the logging framework
      libweston: Fix rename of weston_compositor_destroy() reference
      weston-log: 'new_subscriber' is actually 'new_subscription'
      weston-log: Add 'destroy_subscription' callback for the subscription
      weston-log-internal: Allow to hang-off data over the subscription
      weston-log: Add a subscription iterator
      libweston: Clean-up timeline to make room for a new approach
      libweston: Introduce timeline subscription and timeline subscription object
      libweston: Create the 'timeline' scope
      libweston: Convert timeline points to use the timeline scope
      libweston: Notify timeline of object modification
      libweston: Remove timeline-object and clean-up
      doc/sphinx: Add some documentation about timeline points
      compositor: Allow protocol to be displayed when asked for, even if we're not supplying debug argument
      libweston: Init weston_output's 'destroy_signal' before timeline has a chance to emit a
      compositor: Pass the entire string in one-shot when writting logger data
      weston-log: Avoid prefix-matching the scope name when checking for a
      backend-drm: Teach drm_property_info_populate() to retrieve range values
      backend-drm: Teach drm_property_info_populate() to retrieve range values
      backend-drm: Add zpos DRM-property
      backend-drm: Add a helper to display plane type as a 'string'
      backend-drm: Hard-code zpos values if HW doesn't exposes them
      libweston: Add a new helper weston_view_has_valid_buffer
      libweston: Add a new helper to check if the view spawns the entire
      backend-drm: Construct a zpos candidate list of planes
      backend-drm: Place pixel format checks for the overlay plane in its own
      backend-drm: Place pixel format checks for the cursor plane in its own
      backend-drm: Check pixel format before constructing the zpos candidate list
      backend-drm: Allow for views to reach overlays/underlays planes
      backend-drm: Pass the plane to prepare_overlay_view
      backend-drm: Pass the drm_fb to each prepare_overlay/scanout_view functions
      backend-drm: Move plane's availability in drm_output_try_view_on_plane()
      backend-drm: Print whenever a view will reach the renderer region
      backend-drm: Print whenever a view could not placed on the primary due to
      compositor: Fix some warning when passing debugoptimized to meson
      protocol: Add weston-direct-display extension
      libweston: Add weston-direct-display server side implementation
      libweston: Add the ability to determine if a dmabuf is scanout-capable
      backend-drm: Add dmabuf scan-out check for DRM-backend
      renderer-gl: Avoid retrieving the EGL image it direct_display flag was set
      renderer-gl: Display a solid shader color when direct-display is in use
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: Make use of direct-display
      clients/simple-dmabuf-drm: Make use of direct-display
      backend-drm: Assign the primary plane the lowest zpos value
      backend-drm: Skip testing plane state if plane is not enabled
      backend-drm: Turn zpos duplicate check into an hard assert
      backend-drm: Further checks to skip plane assignment to HW planes
      weston-log-flight-rec: Add a global variable to access the ring buffer
      weston-log-flight-rec: Don't allow more than one flight recorder to be
      weston-log-flight-rec: Fix useless comparison when displaying the
      doc/scripts/gdb: Added gdb script to dump contents of the flight recorder
      clients/fullscreen: Refuse to resize the surface size when fullscreen'ed
      gitlab-ci: Update ci-templates to latest SHA commit

Miguel A. Vico (2):
      desktop-shell: Avoid NULL output dereference when getting surface label
      compositor: Do not trigger invalid destructors when hotunplugging

Nicholas Niro (2):
      backend-drm: Fix for gbm modifiers when they are not available.
      backend-drm: Added support for legacy fd_import

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      xwm: Use Xwayland allow commits for repaint

Pekka Paalanen (73):
      backend-headless: fix comment on use_pixman
      backend-headless: refactor into headless_output_enable_pixman
      backend-headless: refactor into headless_output_disable_pixman
      backend-headless: make renderer type an enum
      clients: fix len-string formatting
      gl_renderer: remove unused NO_EGL_PLATFORM
      gl-renderer: fix typo native_window to native_display
      gl-renderer: remove platform_attribs
      gl-renderer: remove gl_renderer_display
      gl-renderer: remove gl_renderer_output_surface
      gl-renderer: remove print_egl_error_state
      backend-drm: use format db for fallback too
      gl-renderer: move into egl-glue.c
      gl_renderer: introduce gl_renderer_get_egl_config()
      gl-renderer: use gl_renderer_get_egl_config() for display_create
      gl-renderer: do not even pick a config with configless_context
      pixel-formats: add RGBA bits and type fields
      gl-renderer: use pixel_format_info internally for EGL
      gl-renderer: fuzzy EGLConfig matching for non-GBM
      backend-wayland: use DRM formats for EGLConfig
      backend-x11: use DRM formats for EGLConfig
      gl-renderer: remove EGLConfig attributes from API
      gl-renderer: configs for pbuffers too
      gl-renderer: pbuffer config for non-surfaceless
      gl-renderer: prefer the base EGLConfig
      gl-renderer: improve get_egl_config errors
      gl-renderer: print detailed EGLConfig list
      gl-renderer: use EGLConfig printer for window outputs
      build: shells do not need matrix.c
      build: use dependency for matrix.c
      xwm: dnd does not need cairo-util.h
      Unify the include style of shared/ headers
      build: simplify include_directories
      xwm: no need for compositor/weston.h
      gl-renderer: display_create needs surface type
      gl-renderer: document display_create
      gl-renderer: document output_window_create
      gl-renderer: add EGL surfaceless platform support
      noop-renderer: zero-initialize struct
      headless, gl-renderer: support pbuffer outputs
      compositor: add use-gl option to headless
      gitlab-ci: fix pages
      build: separate deps for int and ext libweston users
      build: link libm explicitly
      build: link libdl explicitly to DRM backend
      backend-x11: need libdrm headers in build
      build: reduce sub-dependencies of libweston
      compositor: turn weston main() into a lib
      cms-colord: work around unresolved symbols
      backend-rdp: work around unresolved symbols
      Link Weston plugins to libexec-weston.so
      tests: surface-screenshot needs libshared
      build: do not allow unresolved symbols
      libweston: drop a misleading dmabuf comment
      tests: remove static data from viewporter
      tests: remove static data from ivi-layout-test-plugin
      tests: remove static data from ivi-shell-app-test
      tests: remove static data from ivi-layout-test-client
      tests: remove static data from presentation
      tests: fix test-shell init error path
      ivi-shell: fix init error path
      colord: remove destroy listener on clean-up
      Use weston_compositor_add_destroy_listener_once() in plugins
      libweston: allow double-loading modules
      compositor: allow double-loading modules
      tests: write image to current directory by default
      tests/subsurface-shot: hardcode reference image names
      tests: replace fprintf() with testlog()
      tests/xwayland: do not call exit(SUCCESS)
      tests: rename struct weston_test to weston_test_entry
      tests/ivi: rename test_section
      tests: drop FAIL_TEST
      libweston: do not include weston.h

Sebastian Wick (7):
      shared: add read-only anonymous file abstraction
      CI: build wayland from source
      input: bump wl_seat version to 6
      clients/window: bump wl_seat version to 6
      input: bump wl_seat version to 7
      clients/window: bump wl_seat version to 7
      input: use ro_anonymous_file to minimize duplication of keymap files

Simon Ser (4):
      build: reopen master for regular development
      clients: drop simple-dmabuf-drm
      clients: remove leftover from simple-dmabuf-drm
      build: bump to version 7.0.91 for the alpha release

Stefan Agner (10):
      backend-rdp: don't use shadow buffer for the RDP backend
      backend-headless: fix build issue without gl-renderer
      clients: avoid build error without gl-renderer
      gitlab-ci: add build configuration without gl-renderer
      backend-drm: use DRM_ constants everywhere
      remoting: make sure GL renderer is enabled
      backend-drm: separate out DRM virtual support
      backend-drm: make GBM optional
      weston-launch: show when a signal is sent to a child
      weston-launch: use exec to ensure signal delivery

Veeresh Kadasani (1):
      simple-dmabuf-egl: make application generic

Vivek Kasireddy (2):
      gl-renderer: Replace EGL_*_WL macros with locally defined enums
      gl-renderer: Add support for XYUV format (v2)

sichem (1):
      libweston: Bring back 'weston_output_move'

git tag: 7.0.91

MD5:  18da5ffdb0db99786e929d3a46621016  weston-7.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 03240fc50c3b8a143620caa3a3f0bc3654d2cb73  weston-7.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: a802d0f3214613e92d509d64ba069887a6339d0cf2f735290b9e97701807a21d  weston-7.0.91.tar.xz
SHA512: e94afa5452cd1263d97fd8590cf9834e7326501800b2788cc7c844ecc8ce159f8881422d188b7eb3a47ad70c27203190abb2140f88f11eba9f91ff549c85e78e  weston-7.0.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-7.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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