[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.14.901

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Dec 9 07:08:52 UTC 2019

Apologies for the re-send but the original announcement was sent unsigned
and without the actual text.

The first RC for libinput 1.15 is now available.

A few new features, a lot of maintenance work. On the feature front we have
scroll button locking and tablet pad keys support.

Scroll button locking holds a scroll button logically down even when the
button is physicall released. This applies to button scrolling (hold the
button while moving a mouse up/down generates scroll events). Previously the
button had to be physicall held down during the scroll motion which is
difficult for a number of users. When the scroll button lock is enabled, the
first click of the button holds it logically down, the second click releases
it. This feature comes with the usual set of configuration hooks:

Some tablet devices have hardware buttons that are designed to map to a
specific functionality (e.g. to open the OSD). These buttons are now
supported through the new LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_PAD_KEY event. Noteworthy
here is that for those events the key code matters (unlike the tablet pad
button code which is just a sequential number). See the documentation for
more details. In addition to the event we have a new API to query whether a
given tablet has a specific hw key:

Other than those, a whole bunch of device specific-fixes and general
cleanups. Touchpad scrolling was approximately 10% faster than the nominal
pointer speed, that has been adjusted now.

The new libinput debug-tablet tool is useful to check whether a tablet sends
the full axis values (or any, for that matter). libinput debug-events now
takes multiple devices, libinput record has a better CLI for recording
multiple devices simultaneously and libinput replay had simultaneous replay

Tablet forced proximity out has been improved - it won't happen while the
pen is down.

In libinput 1.14 we disabled a direct tool switch from tablets, causing the
eraser button to stop working. This was caused by some tablets that break
the spec and act as if pen and eraser are both in proximity when the button
is pressed. This issue is fully fixed now and the eraser button should work
as expected now.

And finally, lots of fixes to the CI with the massive benefit that we can
actually run the test suite in the CI now. Less reliance on my little laptop
is a good thing.

Many thanks to all that contributed!

Aleix Pol (1):

Balazs Endresz (1):
      Fix horizontal scrolling for Logitech MX Master 3 on bluetooth

Benjamin Tissoires (2):
      gitlab-ci: use qemu to run the full test suite
      gitlab-ci: use one sha1 instead of duplicates

Jakub Schmidtke (1):
      Fixed horizontal scrolling on Logitech MX Master 2S/3

John Chadwick (2):
      test: Make udev_properties array fixed-size.
      tablet: Improve forced prox out behavior.

Konstantin Kharlamov (27):
      filter-flat.c: remove unused includes
      filter-low-dpi.c: remove unused includes
      filter-mouse.c: remove unused includes
      filter-touchpad.c: remove unused includes
      filter-touchpad-x230.c: remove unused includes
      filter-trackpoint.c: remove unused include
      evdev.c: remove unused include
      evdev-mt-touchpad.h: remove unused include
      evdev-mt-touchpad-tap.c: remove unused includes
      evdev-mt-touchpad-edge-scroll.c: remove unused includes
      evdev-mt-touchpad-gestures.c: remove unused include
      evdev-tablet.c: remove unused include
      evdev-tablet-pad-leds.c: remove unused includes
      timer.c: remove unused include <inttypes.h>
      libinput-fuzz-override.c: remove unused includes
      filter.h/c: remove unused includes
      evdev-mt-touchpad-buttons.c: remove unused includes
      path-seat.c: remove unused includes
      udev-seat.c: remove unused includes
      libinput-debug-events.c: remove unused includes
      libinput-fuzz-extract.c: remove unused includes
      libinput-fuzz-to-zero.c: remove unused includes
      quirks.c: remove unused include
      libinput-measure.c: remove unused includes
      libinput-tool.c: remove unused includes
      libinput-list-devices: be more explicit about only listing defaults
      libinput-list-devices: make paragraph about different settings terser

Luflosi (1):
      doc: fix sentence

Peter Hutterer (93):
      tools: factor out a sanity check in libinput-replay
      tools: make an infinite loop more obvious in the code
      tools: install local quirks during libinput replay
      tools: change python invocations to use /usr/bin/env python3
      tools: flake8 fixes for the various python files
      test: do run the util tests under valgrind
      Split utility functions into separate source files
      Remove some usage of libinput-util.h
      udev: parse the EVDEV_ABS properties for a potential fuzz setting
      meson.build: bump to 1.14.900
      touchpad: drop useless asserts()
      touchpad: only identify for pinch in a distinct pinch position
      gestures: rename the inner/outer thresholds to min/max_move
      gestures: where we have more fingers than slots, default to swipe
      doc: update reference to the event codes header
      doc/user: update copyright for the sphinx docs
      doc/user: drop markdown source parsers
      test: don't use debounced clicks for the middle button emulation click
      middle-button: add space to middlebutton state debug message
      test: fix a coverity warning about an unused value
      util-time: include linux/input.h
      touchpad: use the same speed for scrolling as the baseline of the accel curve
      gitlab CI: run the valgrind test suite as well
      CI: UI improvements
      fallback: don't send a single-touch motion if we just sent a begin
      Add a scroll button lock feature
      meson: move HTTP doc url generation to here
      doc/user: add a link to the API documentation in the TOC
      doc/user: actually link to the API documentation
      quirks: make the diff call for the meson check more portable
      gitlab CI: add an alpine image
      doc/user: reword one of the FAQ entries to no tmake it read outdated
      doc/user: add a faq entry about the pointer acceleration "issue"
      fallback: fix a coverity warning
      udev: fix potential memory leak for the phys string
      gitlab CI: switch to Fedora 31
      gitlab CI: switch to Ubuntu 19.10
      test: make the test jobs dependent on the number of processors
      tools: correct libinput measure reference to the tap man page
      tools: drop the specific libinput measure tools from the libinput man page
      test: remove some useless code triggering a coverity warning
      test: silence a coverity warning
      test: remove a useless assignment
      gitlab CI: fix an indentation issue
      gitlab CI: split the qemu test runs up into multiple jobs
      tools: debug-gui: show pressure/distance as vertical bar
      tablet: add a helper function to get the current tool
      tablet: handle a direct tool switch correctly
      gitlab CI: add diffutils to the Fedora RPMs
      test: drop a now-obsolete test
      test: remove the hardcoded four-job valgrind test run
      gitlab CI: allow the qemu-prep job to fail, runners are unreliable
      gitlab CI: work around collapsed multiline commands in the rebuild check
      meson.build: drop the explicit -g flag
      test: fix a pressure test to movement during tap
      touchpad: don't allow for multifinger tapping after a move
      doc: updates to the tap state machine
      test: allow for substring matching in the various --filter- arguments
      doc: remove the direct link to the various state diagrams
      tools: libinput-record: expand the evdev event value to 7 digits
      tools: debug-events: offset timestamps by the first normal event
      tools: debug-events: expand timestamp prints to full millis
      tools: add a tablet debugging tool
      tools: add stylus button support
      tools: print the tip state in the tablet debugging tool
      completion: add the new libinput debug-tablet to the zsh completion files
      tools: replay: fix wrong timestamps for multiple device replay
      tools: make debug-events accept multiple device nodes
      Adjust for 64bit time_t for 32bit architectures
      tools: print stderr/stdout when a option test fails
      tools: libinput-record: bail out on invalid commandline arguments
      tools: libinput-record: return the correct exit value on invalid usage
      tools: libinput-record: drop the explicit --multiple argument
      tools: print the libinput version in debug-events
      gitlab CI: split all extends into multiple lines
      gitlab CI: add a global policy snippet for retries and interruptible
      gitlab CI: use multiple extends over anchors for the upstream pull
      gitlab CI: use multiple extends for the default artifact/build snippets
      gitlab CI: rename the container_prep state to just "prep"
      gitlab CI: apply some basic validity checks on the commit messages
      test: write our test case results out as junit xml files
      gitlab CI: add meson to junit script
      gitlab CI: move the build instructions into a bash file
      gitlab CI: run the meson script for the VMs as well
      tools: debug-events: don't overrun the device array with too many arguments
      pad: switch the button mapping to one that can handle keys or buttons
      pad: add LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_PAD_KEY for pad keys
      Expand the CODING_STYLE with an explanation of commit requirements
      gitlab CI: don't try adding the upstream remote if it exists already
      gitlab CI: make the commit check errors more verbose and useful
      gitlab CI: add a local emulation mode to the gitlab CI script
      gitlab CI: add an explanatory comment why we're hardcoding master
      libinput 1.14.901

Philipp Fischbeck (1):
      Fix typo in zsh completion

Rasmus Thomsen (1):
      Add Palm&ThumbPressureThreshold for the Spectre x360 15-ch0xx

Richard McIntosh (1):
      Added magic trackpoint multiplier for Thinkpad 13 G2

RussianNeuroMancer (2):
      Tablet Mode Switch on HP Elite x2 1013 G3 is unreliable:
      Mark HP Elite x2 1013 G3 keyboard as external

Serhii Chaplia (1):
      Touchpad fix and trackpoint speed adjustment for Lenovo T490s

Sven Slootweg (1):
      quirks: add RollerMouse Free 3 for double-click fix

Tadeo Kondrak (1):
      meson.build: fix building as a subproject

satrmb (2):
      test: fix a multitap test expecting one tap too few
      touchpad: simplify tapping state machine by eliminating the multitap states

yy (1):
      Added quirk for Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet.

git tag: 1.14.901

MD5:  ac22a1c4a96a0c252061296b6dff9411  libinput-1.14.901.tar.xz
SHA1: 7a85cce2c2786751772f95911d996a472a1f53bf  libinput-1.14.901.tar.xz
SHA256: 472a3ea1af2a2ecb5528542e0a6044d335ca014ec4259eb5444f68dc49e37d4c  libinput-1.14.901.tar.xz
SHA512: 93d97cefa49f640b7b29ac3f54497d57cd1499cb0945504d4522ed564b2414fda55ece09d9212ca2cc3c911375ce0b6906ae62912fbc501aea5238afad3ad4bc  libinput-1.14.901.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.14.901.tar.xz.sig

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