XDG_RUNTIME_DIR on a system with no "logins"

Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at canonical.com
Thu Dec 19 10:33:09 UTC 2019

On 19/12/2019 10:28, Guillermo Rodriguez wrote:
> Uhm. I am not sure I can switch to systemd at this point.
> How does this (Weston being ready / not ready) look like from the client side?
> i.e. if I want to make sure the client is launched once Weston is ready,
> 1. Is there any way to manually check whether Weston is ready? (e.g.
> some sentinel file being created or similar)
> or failing that,
> 2. Is there any recognizable error code if the client tries to launch
> before Weston is ready (so that I can wait a bit and retry)

I can't answer specifically for Weston, but I imagine this would be the
same for any Wayland compositor.

With our IoT solutions we wait for the $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/$WAYLAND_DISPLAY
file (or $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/wayland-0) file before trying to connect. The
server ought to be ready once that has been created.

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