Limiting Xwayland to only one screen

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> Hi Pekka,
> Yes I am aware of the rootless mode as well, but seeing the black
> screen is only one of the issues. I would also like the apps to only
> run on a single screen. Some apps are written such that they find out
> how big of a buffer would fit the entire screen and then create an
> image which spans it (in my case both screens). I guess I can use
> xdotool to resize the app but that happens after the surface has been
> created and I would rather have the app only create one screen buffer
> to begin with. So is there an option that doesn't require modifying
> each app? -Satyeshwar 

There is another major difference between rootful and rootless modes.

In rootful mode, you need to run a traditional X11 window manager or
your own choice. But it won't know about the actual monitors, because
right now Xwayland's rootful mode only makes a single window and that is
all there is.

In rootless mode, the Wayland compositor provides a special X11 window
manager that is tightly integrated with the compositor, and could in
theory manage the X11 windows to be only on the monitor you want. But I
suppose that policy is not implemented anywhere yet.

If your X11 app is written to make its own decisions and override any
window manager actions and ignore RandR information, then the only fix
is indeed to patch Xwayland to set up its rootful Wayland window
differently, like Adam said.

In any case, it seems you will have to do some real coding instead of
just configuring.

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