[ANNOUNCE] weston 5.0.91

Derek Foreman derek.foreman.wayland at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 20:15:31 UTC 2019

This is the alpha release for weston 6.0.  A lot has happened for this
release, some big items to note are:
We now have xdg-shell stable support!

We've moved to meson as our primary build system and have deprecated the
autotools build entirely.  You need to run configure with
--enable-autotools to use autotools, and we will be removing autotools
after the 6.0 release.

Full commit history follows:

Alexandros Frantzis (11):
      xwayland: Silence format-truncation compilation warnings
      clients: Add simple-dmabuf-egl
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: Support dmabuf format modifiers
      clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: Render a moving square
      libweston: Introduce zwp_linux_explicit_synchronization_v1
      libweston: Introduce an internal linux sync file API
      libweston: Support zwp_surface_synchronization_v1.set_acquire_fence
      libweston: Support zwp_surface_synchronization_v1.get_release
      tests: Add tests for per commit zwp_buffer_release_v1 behavior
      clients: Support explicit synchronization in simple-dmabuf-egl
      clients: Add a mandelbrot set shader to simple-dmabuf-egl

Arkadiusz Hiler (1):
      compositor-drm: Log atomic commits and flips

Changwoo Cho (1):
      libweston: fix typo in comment

Daniel Stone (14):
      CONTRIBUTING: How do I get started?
      compositor: Add weston_layer_mask_is_infinite
      compositor: Add scene-graph debug scope
      compositor-drm: Calculate atomic-commit flags earlier
      compositor-drm: Add backend pointer to drm_output
      compositor-drm: Add drm-backend log debug scope
      gl-renderer: Remove warning on missing extensions
      compositor-drm: Don't warn about missing backlight control
      tests: Rename surface-screenshot
      tests: fix include in input-timestamps-helper.c
      Add Meson build system
      CI: Add Meson build
      gitlab-ci: Actually capture Meson logs
      compositor-drm: Fall back if GBM surface fails with modifiers

David Fort (1):
      rdp-compositor: fix compilation with FreeRDP 2.0-rc4

Deepak Rawat (1):
      compositor-drm: Read FB2_MODIFIERS capability

Derek Foreman (2):
      configure.ac: Reopen master for regular development
      configure.ac: bump to version 5.0.91 for the alpha release

Dima Ryazanov (4):
      Don't look for weston.ini in the current working directory
      Revert "Fix a crash when unlocking or unconfining a pointer"
      clients: Delete an unused variable
      clients: A better fix for a crash when unlocking or unconfining a

Emil Velikov (2):
      libweston: split EGL and GL info logging
      libweston: print EGL information as early as possible

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (1):
      ivi-shell: Add missing sentence point

Emre Ucan (7):
      ivi-shell: Add build_view_list function
      ivi-shell: unmap views which are not in scenegraph
      ivi-shell: check ivi_view mappedness in commit_changes()
      ivi-shell: don't use input panel implementation
      ivi-shell: remove input panel implementation
      ivi-shell: remove unused functions and members
      ivi-shell: remove input-method section from config

Eric Engestrom (2):
      meson: fix -Wno-foo argument testing
      Revert "meson: fix -Wno-foo argument testing"

Eric Toombs (3):
      man: fix small typo: directroy
      weston: deprecate enable_tap in favour of enable-tap
      weston: add more libinput config options

Greg V (8):
      build: use pkg-config to find libjpeg in meson
      build: use '-Wl,' wrapper for the -export-dynamic linker flag
      build: add missing wayland-client dep in meson
      desktop-shell: extract view_get_transform, make it reliable
      xwayland: fix clipboard related crash
      xwm: fix resize grab related crash
      desktop-shell: fix resize grab related crash
      desktop-shell: remove surface destroy listener when focus state is

Jonas Ã…dahl (1):
      gitlab-ci.yml: Install meson from 0.49 branch

Marius Vlad (25):
      pixel-formats: Added pixel_format_get_info_shm() helper for printing
SHM buffers
      compositor: Make pixel format printing in human-friendly form
      Fix compiler warnings generated by older toolchains/compiler
      Fix compiler warnings: clobber variables
      Fix compiler warnings: invalid type format
      Fix compiler warning: unused variable when building with DEBUG
      libweston/compositor-drm: Print composition mode in weston-debug
      libweston/compositor-drm: No need to test for invalid alpha for the
      libweston/compositor-drm: Add missing debug message for scanout_view
      clients/screenshot: Avoid using global variables to pass down data
between functions
      clients/screenshot: Allow weston-screenshooter to be called directly
      libweston/weston-debug: Add a easy way to determine if the debug
protocol has been enabled
      libweston: Allow taking screenshots when debug protocol is enabled
      ivi-shell/hmi-controller: Include config.h as to not break ivi-shell
build on meson
      compositor: Add some handy wrappers for wet_get_binary_path()
      compositor: Install weston-screenshooter in BINDIR
      libweston/screnshooter: Fix weston screenshot event done if there's
no client running
      compositor-drm: Print DRM FB pixel format of the view in
human-friendly form
      pixel-formats: Document pixel format human-friendly conversion methods
      compositor-drm: Display the pixel format of the framebuffer used by
the plane
      compositor-drm: Forgot to use mode variable when using render only
mode of composition
      compositor-drm: Add an environmental variable to force RENDER-only
mode of compositing
      meson: Remove freerdp1 as it no longer builds
      compositor-drm: Print pixel format in human-friendly form when
failing to assign view to a overlay plane
      compositor: Fix scene-graph debug scope missing views based on

Matteo Valdina (1):
      gl-renderer: Explicitly zeroing the offset for 2^ plane of

Michael Olbrich (2):
      libweston-desktop/xdg-shell: update view transforms for xdg popup
      config-parser: export functions to open a config file

Michael Teyfel (16):
      ivi-shell: rework goto labels to avoid memory leaks
      ivi-shell: removed assert
      ivi-shell: introduction of IVI_INVALID_ID
      layout-interface: added interface to change surface id
      ivi-layout: introduced configure_desktop_changed
      ivi-layout: introduced surface create and configure
      ivi-shell: linked libweston-desktop and added structs
      ivi-layout: use libweston-desktop api for views
      ivi-layout: use libweston-desktop api for configure event
      ivi-shell: added libweston-desktop-api implementation
      ivi-shell: remove surface_destroy_listener
      ivi-shell: create weston_desktop in wet_shell_init
      hmi-controller: register for desktop_surface_configured
      simple-egl: remove ivi-application support
      simple-shm: remove ivi-application support
      window client: remove ivi-application support

Pablo Castellano (1):
      compositor-fbdev: add support for ABGR

Pekka Paalanen (50):
      man: make substitutions meson-friendly
      protocol: add weston-debug.xml
      libweston: add weston_debug API and implementation
      compositor: add option to enable weston_debug
      clients: add weston-debug
      compositor: offer logs via weston-debug
      xwm: dump_property() to use FILE internally
      xwm: move FILE to the callers of dump_property()
      xwm: convert WM_DEBUG into a weston-debug scope
      compositor: protocol logger
      pixel-formats: add name string
      pixel-formats: search by name
      compositor-drm: parse all DRM format names
      clients/simple-egl: include weston-egl-ext.h correctly
      shared: remove fallback definition of backtrace()
      build: add meson to autotools dist tar-ball
      CI: build remoting-plugin
      CI: build rdp-backend
      build: replace IN_WESTON with UNIT_TEST
      meson: fix pangocairo being optional
      meson: better error for wcap dep cairo
      meson: drop indent level from xwayland
      meson: better errors for xwayland deps
      meson: better error for logind deps
      meson: better error for freerdp
      meson: better errors for x11-backend deps
      meson: better errors for gl-renderer egl and glesv2
      meson: contain and check simple-dmabuf-egl deps
      meson: better error cms-static deps
      meson: better error for cms-colord deps
      meson: better errors for systemd-notify deps
      meson: better errors for image loader deps
      meson: better error for wayland-backend wl-egl dep
      meson: better error for x11+gl deps
      meson: better error for drm+gl deps
      meson: better errors for VA-API deps
      tests: remove remnants of buffer-count test
      meson: better error for tests missing libX11
      meson: better error for test-junit-xml dep
      meson: friendly error for simple-dmabuf-drm
      meson: remind about weston-launch suid
      desktop-shell: use weston_compositor_exit
      ivi-shell: use weston_compositor_exit
      tests: use weston_compositor_exit
      libweston: export weston_config API
      README: Meson for build
      configure: require opt-in to autotools
      libweston: bump major to 6
      meson: set WESTON_DATA_DIR for tests
      meson: IVI plugin tests do not use config

Philipp Zabel (9):
      libweston: add weston_surface is_opaque property
      libweston: add weston_view_is_opaque()
      compositor-drm: use weston_view_is_opaque()
      libweston: add weston_head_{is,set}_non_desktop()
      compositor-drm: check connector non-desktop property and mark head
      weston: keep non-desktop displays turned off by default
      compositor-drm: fix drm_output_prepare_overlay_view for non-matching
      meson: add missing libweston EGL dependency if renderer-gl is enabled
      meson: fix compositor build with xwayland disabled

Scott Anderson (2):
      compositor-drm: Don't set linear modifier when not supported
      meson: Fix deprecation warning for pkgconfig

Sergey Bugaev (1):
      desktop-shell: don't crash if a surface disappears while grabbed

Sruthik P (1):
      Fix and remove broken links to confluence pages

Stefan Agner (3):
      main: do not exit in case stdin is a closed stream
      desktop-shell: always paint background color first
      desktop-shell: allow to center background image

Thomas Zimmermann (2):
      weston: Store use_pixman as `bool` type
      weston: Add config option to enable pixman-based rendering

Tomohito Esaki (6):
      compositor-drm: add num_planes to drm_fb structure
      gl-renderer: provide fence sync fd for synchronizing with GPU
      compositor-drm: store gbm bo flags in drm_output
      compositor-drm: Add Support virtual output
      weston: Add set up SIGUSR1 blocking early using pthread_sigmask()
      Add remoting plugin for output streaming

Vasilis Liaskovitis (1):
      gl-renderer, pixman: disconnect the client on unhandled buffer type.

ant8me (3):
      libweston-desktop: implement the new xdg_shell (stable) protocol
      clients: use xdg_shell stable instead of v6
      compositor-wayland: use xdg_shell stable instead of v6

emersion (5):
      weston-info: add xdg-output support
      clients: configure cursor theme from XCURSOR_* env
      clients: sanitize XCURSOR_SIZE
      Add .editorconfig
      Fix .editorconfig: use tabs for Meson files

n3rdopolis (1):
      libweston: fbdev: Force the Framebuffer devices to be activated.

orbitcowboy (1):
      Fixed potential memory leaks in simple-dmabuf-drm.c found by Cppcheck.

git tag: 5.0.91

MD5:  9c6cc493fcef96168129cc1a3b4d4230  weston-5.0.91.tar.xz
SHA1: 72950a82350ab1dbdff045c62a7043ca84826e06  weston-5.0.91.tar.xz
SHA256: cd9921bf9c5c064cbfed2cc6ae8d297a57ac1d530b83813a4cee5220026058a0
PGP:  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/releases/weston-5.0.91.tar.xz.sig
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